Argentina – England Rugby 2017

20 thoughts on “Argentina – England Rugby 2017

  1. Thanks for posting! As an Argentinian is is a pleasure to listen to the broadcaster pronounce every Pumas player last name perfectly!

  2. Scrums need to go, since they changed the rules back in like 2015 I almost never see a successful scrum. Almost every scrum results in a penalty. It makes me sad to say that because I like scrums but I'm sick of them taking 15 minutes out of every single game.

  3. Muy buen partido! Vamos los Pumas!! Lástima el último try de ellos pero todo lo demás muy bien.

  4. Just watched England v Argentina 11 11 17. Commentey is awful. So biased towards England, you, d swear England were the only team on the field.

  5. Commentators are a snooze fest. They make a rugby game sound like a 3 day cricket match.

  6. 3 things I noticed about this game. Firstly, England conceded very few penalties throughout which is a vast improvement on the Lions. Secondly, England virtually changed their entire tactics from the 6 Nations – which was a more 'conservative' brand of rugby – extremely significant if you want to be a world cup 'hopeful' and lastly the great sportsmanship shown throughout the game – a very refreshing change!

  7. Many thanks, Mate! Starved of rugby here in Pennsylvania USA. Any chance of putting up the second test? Apparently it was a cracker as well.

  8. Usual disrespectful Argie crowds booing whistling and jeering the opposing kickers… Time the IRB fined countries for failing to control their fans after being asked to respect the kicker.

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