Argentina – England Rugby 2017

By , October 16, 2017 10:46 pm

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  1. F. Brown says:

    Thanks for posting! As an Argentinian is is a pleasure to listen to the broadcaster pronounce every Pumas player last name perfectly!

  2. Marcus Setters says:

    Why was Eddie Butler commentating?

  3. 7dayspking says:

    Scrums need to go, since they changed the rules back in like 2015 I almost never see a successful scrum. Almost every scrum results in a penalty. It makes me sad to say that because I like scrums but I'm sick of them taking 15 minutes out of every single game.

  4. Roberto Torres says:

    what a wonderful match!

  5. AGroso Modo says:

    Muy buen partido! Vamos los Pumas!! Lástima el último try de ellos pero todo lo demás muy bien.

  6. saveg squad says:

    Just watched England v Argentina 11 11 17. Commentey is awful. So biased towards England, you, d swear England were the only team on the field.

  7. lucas cabaña says:

    aguanten los pumasssss,

  8. PieterPhyta says:

    Commentators are a snooze fest. They make a rugby game sound like a 3 day cricket match.

  9. Ben Rentfrow says:


  10. Omee says:


  11. rpvespa says:

    Thank you for posting. What a game !

  12. The Stork 2 says:

    1:14:11 ….a 19 seconds long still toe to toe scrum.

  13. Oliver McEvoy says:


    Do you have the "Second Test" out of interest?

    It's still available on BBC website –

    But I've not seen it anywhere on YouTube.

    I want to get a copy in case they do what they did with the Aussie tests down under in 2016 – wont put a dvd out but also wont let people have a copy for posterity.

  14. John Pearce says:

    3 things I noticed about this game. Firstly, England conceded very few penalties throughout which is a vast improvement on the Lions. Secondly, England virtually changed their entire tactics from the 6 Nations – which was a more 'conservative' brand of rugby – extremely significant if you want to be a world cup 'hopeful' and lastly the great sportsmanship shown throughout the game – a very refreshing change!

  15. Murray John says:

    Many thanks for uploading. Any chance of game 2?

  16. Richard Clegg says:

    Any chances of the 2nd Test, any time soon? Tks. for this upload.

  17. Rick Kemp says:

    Many thanks, Mate! Starved of rugby here in Pennsylvania USA. Any chance of putting up the second test? Apparently it was a cracker as well.

  18. LarS1963 says:

    Great game. 🙂 Thanks for the upload.

  19. hafid kouloun says:

    Thanks for upload!

  20. OK! But then again. says:

    Usual disrespectful Argie crowds booing whistling and jeering the opposing kickers… Time the IRB fined countries for failing to control their fans after being asked to respect the kicker.