England Rugby 2017 || Journey to Success

20 thoughts on “England Rugby 2017 || Journey to Success

  1. Hold on wait WTF…are you serious…im halfway through this video…i have just urinated all over myself with laughter and confusion on how showing a match against Italy is even relevant…FUCK OFF…do they even play rugby anymore…lol…oh yeah France doesnt really count either…I mean c'mon lets be honest….thats like the ALL BLACKS playing FIJI or Samoa…what an embarrasing video to promote going to the world cup…S U P A F A I L…oh yeah…6.21min the ball was out…just saying…just being honest lol

  2. Talk it up England…Two of the greatest teams colliding together…ummmmmmmmmm…. yeah nah…nice try….a few videos and wins against easy teams with corrupt refs and officials to push you to wins won’t get you anywhere close to being on the same stage as the ALL BLACKS. England are all shit…Let’s look at what’s really happening here. Southern rugby dominates Northern Rugby…always has…always will. Stadiums are empty, ticket sales are nonexistent, no sponsors = no money. World’s population in the northern rugby countries: England / Ireland / Scotland / Wales / France = 132 million…population of Australia and NZ = 29 million….Do the math…very good. Rugby and the IRB have turned into a full-scale business and want the punters back and their cash. How are they doing that? Change the rules to favor the North and put inexperienced corrupt refs as cover. Please do yourself a favor and don’t try and tell me that this is not happening because you will only be insulting your intelligence and look like an egg. The only real question is…how far and hard will they ruin the game of rugby by corruption to get the trophy back to the north and try balance the game out to keep the punters happy. Again, happy to sit back and watch England try and beat the ALL BLACKS…but only if it’s a clean and fair match…. which by the way things are going down these days…wouldn’t be holding my breath over?

  3. New Zealand
    That is the top 3 now i would rank the scum England higher but they seem to scared to face New Zealand

  4. Yeah but for how long ? Both Australia S.Africa have gone backwards but for how long ?
    The same has England for how long will they stay at No2 not long .

    In Japan WC the Aussies will comeback so will S.Africa .

    Look at England’s WC the Welsh were to good with there second side out and beat them and sane again the English will not win any WC . NEW ZEALAND ARE FAR TOO GOOD FOR ENGLAND , England might get an odd win but come WC the S Hemisphere teams will dominate .

  5. They will never be the best team,their arrogance is insulting,i am Irish,and we are just as good probably better,The all blacks will not be toppled,not for a long time to come.

  6. so what happens if England lose to NZ? what then? another bubble burst like every world cup cycle.

  7. Wow what a fantastic watch.

    I need more videos like this! Especially with 6 nations approaching!

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