England v Australia – Match Highlights – Rugby World Cup 2015

20 thoughts on “England v Australia – Match Highlights – Rugby World Cup 2015

  1. Honestly don't see why England get so much hate, their fans are in the same boat as many other nations when it comes to arrogance, it's just pride. You all do it and you know that. If this were NZ or AUS going out of their world cup, then the reaction would have been the same. Anyway, not gonna act like we didn't deserve to lose, we did and we got beaten fair and square by both Aus and Wales.

  2. Watching Australia demolishing England at the end of the 2nd half was satisfying I knew Wales were through to the semis with a game in hand.

  3. From an All Blacks fan well done to the Wallabies for winning against England and Versing us in the final this RWC was great

  4. even though I am not much into sports,i find rugby more interesting and dynamic than American football,at least theses guys don't wear padded outfits

  5. I howled with joy and amusement to see England totally humiliated during pool play. Their arrogance came back to bit them in the butt. They have had some success post RWC 2015, but they will not be able to sustain it, especially with Fast Mouth Eddie and the thug Hartley at the helm. Watch out for more very, very boring and predictable rugby from the lily white, lily livered English Private School Boys over the next 3 years. All bark, no bite. Plus ca change …………….

  6. England invented all these sports and other countries dominate it. Let's go down the list: Soccer/Football: all time best are Brazil, Germany, Italy, Argentina. Rugby: all time best are New Zealand, Australia and South Africa. Cricket: all time best is Australia, India, West Indies, Sri Lanka is all time ahead of England. Tennis: all time best is USA, Sweden, Australia are also good. Golf: all time best is USA by miles. They might have even had a hand in ice hockey as British soldiers in Canada in the 19th century played and Michu have created the rules of ice hockey, best ice hockey nations all time: Canada, Russia, USA. I mean can we find any sport that England is the best at (all time)? Boxing: USA Basketball: USA Volleyball: Russia Snowboarding: USA Speed Skating: Netherlands Figure Skating: USA/Russia Curling: Canada Luge: Germany Soccer/Football: Brazil Rugby: New Zealand Cricket: Australia Baseball: USA Ice hockey: Canada Lacrosse: USA Wrestling: Russia/USA Ping Pong: China Field Hockey: Pakistan/Australia/India Handball: France/Sweden/Russia Track and field: USA Swimming: USA Taekwondo: South Korea Shooting: USA Rowing: Germany/USA Weightlifting: Russia/China Netball: Australia Cycling: France/Italy Beach Volleyball: USA Fencing: Italy Archery: South Korea Badminton: China Judo: Japan Water Polo: Hungary/Serbia Gymnastics: Russia.

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