Dylan Hartley and Eddie Jones after England v Italy | NatWest 6 Nations

9 thoughts on “Dylan Hartley and Eddie Jones after England v Italy | NatWest 6 Nations

  1. Enland jerseys with Black and White horizontal bands,,, seems more accurate than present attire,

  2. Wales this weekend v an invitational overseas xv,,,,, count the English born players,, should be called the barbarians,,,,, cannot be anything to do with bill beaumont being the Sepp Blatter of the ifru,,, surely NOT

  3. Foreign coach, foreign (and recently BANNED from playing) captain, a south african, with A south african teammate in the backrow, 2 vunipolas ( Samoan?) in the pack, at least Tuilangi is English,,,oh,hang on he has played AGAINST England for which country??? Luckily ,,, Corbishero is English through and through,,,,,,oh, hang on,,,,,,,hes not is he,,,,, luckily the rules of eligability havent been changed by the sports governing body ,,,the IRFU, presided by one bill beaumont, and he is THE most unbiased and fair playing person ever,,,just ask any Captain of Question of Sport,,,,,,, I dare you…….

  4. I rarely watch the full versions of these. Never appreciated some of the flat questions they have to answer. Pleased with England, can’t wait for the game against Wales. They look better than they have for years – should be a good match.

  5. Clearly playing the BOD trademarked "drop unrelated words into press conferences" game there, Eddie! Wonder what bet he lost.

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