No one expected him to toe the line of managing squads much less the hardest one could possibly be in charge of. Such consensus was gotten from his former team mates, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, Ronaldo Nazario and more.

For a start, the World Cup winner is considered to be too introverted to be handed the role of leading a team. If there is one thing Galaticos don’t get to have is the privacy of shutting themselves out of the world. For a clearer picture, the recently releasedESPN Top 100 most famous sports personalities list has 6 current Real Madrid players on it.

In an atmosphere such as the one encountered in the Bernabeu settings, choosing to go on the quiet drowns your potential as a marketable professional.

Still, it didn’t stop the least person expected to become a manger among the Galaticos generation at the beginning of this Millennialfrom winning two Champions League trophies within 17 months.

People are going to keep wondering just how he did it. From being eerily confident of his ability to spreading it across the players, unlike most coaches before him, the French man, a top player of his generation, has never been in the want of proving himself to his crew.

And so it is that beneath that extremely calm, sometimes shy demeanour of the 44-year old, time and circumstances connived to give Zidane the chance to unveil his managerial capability to the world.

Considering the fact that he is succeeding at a pace faster than he did as a player, questioning if he was lucky now seems like a crime. He is not Roberto Di Mateo.

Zidane got good managerial brain on his shoulders. The polite thing to do is to shut up and acknowledged the results of the tactical thoughts that run on such machine.