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By , November 3, 2014 11:07 am

The Serbian national football team has never really managed to make its way in the headlines of websites or newspapers in the world of football but things took a major twist on October 14 when Serbia received Albania at the Partizan Stadium and the match turned into a heated brawl between players and fans.

The match that was being played was a 2016 Euro’s qualifiers but it could never actually be completed after a drone hovered around the pitch with a pro-Albanian banner and from there on out, after the Serbian player Stefan Mitrovic pulled down the banner from the drone, things started to get out of control with fans coming into the pitch and even players fighting with each other.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that FIFA officially announced what decision they were going to make concerning this match and it was confirmed that Serbia was going to claim the victory but the Serbian national football squad did not actually claim all 3 points as FIFA deducted all those points as punishment.

Both national teams have also been given fines of $127,000 as consequences from their actions displayed on the pitch.

The game was suspended at the 41st minute and when things started to calm down with authorities getting everything under their control, Albania and Serbia were given the option of continuing on with the match but Albania refused to continue on and this is why FIFA awarded Serbia with the victory even though no points were given.

Albania is expected to appeal the decision of FIFA and the Albanian lawyer Chimi Shkohoxha stating:

“This is a travesty. It’s a cop out. We are totally committed to banishing racism from football, and this judgment appears to fly in the face of that aim. This is not about the point, it’s about fighting racism.”

Serbia is also expected to appeal the decision of FIFA and hopefully try to reduce or eliminate in its entirety, the fine of $127,000 that they received.

Ancelotti Shuts Down Khedira Rumors

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By , September 3, 2014 10:43 am

Last season Sami Khedira only managed to make 13 league appearances for Real Madrid and now with the arrival of James Rodriguez and Toni Kroos to the club, it doesn’t look like the German midfielder will be playing an influential role for Real Madrid anytime soon. This sparked a series of rumors which were stating that Khedira was going to be leaving the Santiago Bernabeu during this summer transfer window but Carlo Ancelotti stepped up and shut down those claims.

Carlo Ancelotti told the press: “Khedira is happy here and he is staying. The matter is resolved and he stays at Real Madrid.”

Arsene Wenger was interested in signing the experienced midfielder and it was believed at one point in time that Arsenal was preparing an offer of around €16 million in order to sign Khedira but Ancelotti denied that the player has any interest in leaving.

If indeed Khedira does remain in Spain performing with Real Madrid, his chances of performing in the starting lineup of Carlo Ancelotti are extremely limited and not likely. The first match of the season for the team of Ancelotti saw Real Madrid defeating the recently promoted club Cordoba with a 2-0 victory and Khedira played for 14 minutes.

The opening match of the season witnessed Ancelotti utilizing a 4-2-3-1 formation with Kroos and Modric performing the role as defensive midfielders of the squad and this is the usual position of Khedira but he will not be a starter of the club unless either Kroos or Modric get injured or are unavailable to play.

Will Sami Khedira be truly satisfied playing nothing more than a substitute role in Real Madrid for another season? At his 27 years of age, he can still play at the highest level for an entire match and turn into a reliable figures for top clubs around the world but the German midfielder decides to remain in a club where he is barely able to play for more than a few minutes in a few matches.


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By , May 8, 2014 9:34 am

Gareth Bale’s lighting speed goal against Barcelona in the finals of the Copa del Rey has amazed many fans, coaches and players around the globe as the Welshman is proving why Real Madrid was willing to offload €91 million for the 24 years old midfielder.

When the match concluded there was nothing but praise towards Bale. Carlo Ancelotti considered Bale’s goal to be the most defining moment of the entire match while Xabi Alonso recognized the work and the goal that the former Tottenham player scored during their match against Barcelona. Continue reading 'UP TO SPEED'»

Cristiano Pays For Real’s 10 Month Old Fan

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By , March 28, 2014 8:34 am

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has recently surpassed the regular winner of FIFA best player of the year Lionel Messi, has come into the news again, not for his multimillion lifestyle but for his unique charitable act. The 28-year-old player has decided to save the life of an infant, a Real Madrid fan who is presently suffering from dysplasia.

According to the sources in the Real Madrid club, Ronaldo, no matter how much he faces controversies for his lavish and expensive lifestyle and coughing out pounds for his everyday activities, the young striker has also won the hearts of his fans by saving the child’s life.

10 month old Erik Cruz who badly needs brain surgery, belongs to a economically backward family. His parents were unable to raise funds for their son’s treatment even after spreading about Cruz’s disease all over the Internet and media. But even after trying so hard, his parents could arrange for funds and had almost left all hopes for their child.

But when the Real Madrid striker came to know about Cruz, he did not delay a moment and chose to extend his assistance towards the child. Cruz needs around 60,000 pound for his brain surgery, but later, even after the completion of the surgery, each post operative test will cost 6000 pound. Cristiano Ronaldo, taking the entire burden of Cruz’s operations’ expenditure, has decided to pay the entire amount.

According to the sources in the Real Madrid team, Ronaldo has even spoken to Cruz’s parents and decided to save the child’s life solely driven by his noble characteristic.

On the other hand, the Portugal player has started warming up for the preparation of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. After a flop show by Portugal in the last World Cup, the Portugal skipper has decided to present a grand show for his team in the impending mega venture of world soccer.

But one thing is obviously sure that what Ronaldo will present in the World Cup may be decided later, but he has already won his fans’ support and love by initiating this unique charitable act. Those who were also not very fond of the Portugal striker, has also started following his tweets and updates in social networking sites regarding his charity for Cruz.


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By , January 14, 2014 5:06 pm

Xabi Alonso was one of the high profile targets of many clubs from all around the globe as his situation in Real Madrid and his future was still undecided until some moments ago as the Spanish midfielder decided to remain in Spain with Carlo Ancelotti by signing a contract that will be keeping him in Real Madrid until 2016.

The defensive midfielder has made over 200 appearances for Real Madrid since making his move from Liverpool some years ago and despite being 32 years old, he still has a few years left in him to play at the top level.

While the future of Alonso has been decided, the same cannot be said about Angel Di Maria who is now being investigated after the Argentine was seen grabbing his crotch while being substituted during Real Madrid’s match against Celta Vigo.

His gestures are being considered to be rude and a lack of respect as everyone was seeing him make his way out of the pitch for the introduction of Gareth Bale and some reports are even claiming that the Argentinean midfielder made those gestures as a sign of anger and frustration for being removed from the match.

“I did not want to do anything towards either the supporters or the coach as was being claimed,” the 25-year-old was quoted as saying on Real’s website on Tuesday.

“It was a natural gesture that any man does, and all the more so when he is running,” he said. “You do it a lot on the pitch. On television you can see that it lasts a millisecond. It’s nothing. It’s not like I was doing it on purpose for an extended period of time.”

Angel Di Maria was given a lapse of time for him to clear up the situation as the player insisted in saying that it was just a natural gesture that a man does.


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By , November 22, 2013 9:40 am

The manager of Real Madrid, Carlo Ancelotti, has said that Mesut Ozil decided to make a move away from Santiago Bernabeu because he had been told that he was not going to get starting opportunity in every match.

Arsenal bought Ozil on the final day of the pre-season transfer window after paying a transfer fee of 42.5 million Pounds. The young German midfielder hasn’t taken too much time to settle down at Arsenal. He has started going great guns at his new club and has already won them a few games.

Ozil has made 8 Premier League appearances for the Gunners so far and has found the back of the net a couple of times. Apart from that, he has also set up 4 goals for his team.

Ozil has shown some great form for his national side as well this season. He has scored some vital goals for Germany and has helped them make their way to the World Cup finals.

Talking to the reporters about Ozil in a press conference yesterday, Ancelotti said, “Mesut had the clear idea that he would not be in the starting XI in every match and he was uncomfortable with that. He was in touch with the other clubs and I was aware of that.”

Later in that press conference, Ancelotti hailed Madrid’s new star signing Gareth Bale and said that the Welsh winger could become a great player.

The Real Madrid boss said, “Gareth had a tough time initially, but, it has happened with a lot of players here at Madrid. When the guys first come in here, they suffer a few problems. But, he is very talented and he can be a legend in future.”

Bale has been in brilliant form of late for Madrid. In the match against Seville last month, he scored a couple of goals and then, in the European Cup game against Juventus, he found the net again.