Women’s Rugby World Cup Final – England v New Zealand – LIVE

By , January 3, 2017 4:21 pm

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  1. black capped Chickadee says:

    Awesome game, just watching womans six nations 2018 that tackle by Goss would never have been called,

  2. Lizzie Berry says:


  3. Lizzie Berry says:

    Haere Tatou ki Aotearoa haere Tatou!!

  4. Nived Palissery says:

    Video starts at 25:34

  5. videom says:

    so you get a yellow card when no ruck is formed and you're on your feet (at 76:00)! Can anyone explain that to me? It also seemed like this ref didn't allow anyone to compete for the ball once a ruck was formed (or did I go blind?). The match was good but I thought I was watching rugby league at the end of it.

  6. Sando L says:

    Gonna be the same stomping for your Barbarians multi-culture England mens squad as well in 2018.

  7. Ёлы Палы says:

    Я просто вражений ! Нова Зеландія є Нова Зеландія ! І не важливо – чоловіки це чи жінки. Коли це стосується регбі – тут немає різниці. Це просто НОВА ЗЕЛАНДІЯ ! Почав дивитися цю фінальну гру спочатку заради "Хаки" у виконанні новозеландок, а далі … просто не міг відірватися.

  8. Cyber Bully says:

    Hmmmm. I see some wifey material in there.

  9. Brian Smaller says:

    Terrible resolution – very blurry and hard to watch. I have watched almost every game of this tournament on Youtube and cannot find a single decent copy of this game. Otherwise a good game from 46 great players.

  10. umchanmademedoit says:

    good on ya for postin this helps da game reach more fans like meself!

  11. Robert Paterson says:

    And why not have Neville ref the mens? She has real authority

  12. Robert Paterson says:

    Just at half time – I am so impressed by the England Scrum – they are all in and so skilled. The front row with Bern is exceptional and the second row can really carry the ball – not many men's scrums are as talented

  13. Giles B says:

    Gee, those two yellow cards against NZ players were ridiculous – and England scored two tries when NZ were down to 14 players.

  14. Jimmy Mage says:

    WTH women play tackle rugby now? Has the world gone insane?

  15. Grant Hunter says:

    Yellow card! What nonsense!

  16. Vincent Tan says:

    outstanding game, salute both both teams playing beautifully.

  17. Kiwi Wandering USA says:

    Well done! Had me worried in the first half but settled down and played their own game in the second. Awesome!

  18. Lopaaione T says:

    Come on girls bring that bloody cup back home to where it belongs. Kia Kaha!!!!!

  19. Eddi Ludin says: