Rugby World Cup Qualifier – Uruguay v Canada

By , May 11, 2017 5:55 pm

13 Responses to “Rugby World Cup Qualifier – Uruguay v Canada”

  1. Sn0reSnoreDan says:

    I like how Rugby allows us to hear the ref. Why can't FIFA allow this in soccer?

  2. TaigaSibirskaya says:

    good open match with both teams going for the win. Canada started well but Uruguay came back well several times to win the match. Canada gifted Uruguay a try in the 2nd half which probably ended their chances of winning their place in the world cup.

  3. Robbie Hamberger says:

    World Rugby, im in the states and cant access the USA v Argentina game because its geoblocked?? why is that?

  4. Kolby says:

    Go to 1:43:26 and you can hear Canada attempt a DROP GOAL. So the conversion WAS attempted and they missed.

  5. The Gaming Channel says:

    Two great rugby nations. I like both countries.

  6. MoreAwsomeMetal says:

    If Canada wants to qualify they're not allowed to make any mistakes now. They will compete with 3 other nations in the repechage pool (my guess is for Spain, Hong Kong and Kenya as their future opponents). Canada has always been part of the rugby world cup since it was created, I sincerely wish them good luck and hope they'll still be in the competition next year.

  7. Meari P says:


  8. kayakero1969 says:

    Let's go Teros let's go!!

  9. Richard M says:

    shoulda stopped the game at 31min mark. we had the win by 15!!

  10. Ramiro Lucas says:

    the moment of TEROS convert the global score was Uruguay 70 – Canada 55, so was not casual that don't shot the last time end the time was over final global score Uruguay 70 – Canada 60

  11. s stevenson says:

    I expected this to be blocked in my country as well seeing as the Americas rugby Championship is blocked for Canadians… Doesn't really help the sport grow to not allow people outside of the countries playing to watch the games…. Why is rugby always managed by what seems like utter morons?

  12. IrishRuleTheWorld says:

    Thats complete bullshit. I had money on Canada to win and there was no conversion taken. WTF That must be a rules breach.

  13. Egg says:

    Why was there no conversion at the end?