Nathaniel Clyne – South Londons Finest

The Soccer Wire Video clip Ranking: 5 / five

24 thoughts on “Nathaniel Clyne – South Londons Finest

  1. We would get tribunal money if/when clyne moves on this summer, I’ve read between £1-3million so not sure the genuine figure, I remember his debut against barnsley and campbell-ryce at the time for was on fire, a 17yr old clyne played that day due to our injuries and campbell ran and ran at him until their manager moved him to the other side of the pitch as clyne did not let him through once, superb debut! and he’s never looked back, solid, composed, intelligent footballer going to the top

  2. he is an amazing player tbh, destined for great things along with zaha, scannell and williams.

  3. If he leaves in the summer we’re dead 🙁 One of our best players by a mile.

  4. @ThePsAgent no where near, hes good but the da silvas are amazing just injury prone.

  5. ok i’m a man united fan but i don’t know why man utd and fans wants him like whats he’s got more than antonio valencia? he’s not that good…wat we really need a mid player like luka modric or javier pastori

  6. teams that would suit him are: spurs, arsenal, aston villa, newcastle, sunderland (cause of martin o’neill)
    not: man united, man city, chelsea, liverpool

  7. @abstract272 ”you f**king englishman”? How eloquently put. Nice bit of racism as well. Anyway, i’m allowed to have an opinion even if u don’t agree with it. I want special players to play for United. Is that so wrong? E.g, i saw that in Ronaldo when he was at Sporting n played against United. Different player, but same principle. Oh, and there are many things wrong with football, but wanting to watch the best players and having an opinion isn’t one of them.

  8. @manuchamp99 oh wow man, great report… you’ve only see him up against arguably england’s best team and you watch a small (albeit brilliantly composed) highlights reel and he doesn’t ‘have that wow factor for you’ ?
    you f**king englishman giz. you are the reason english football is shit. YOU

  9. @dougmeistertheeagle Haha yeah, funny how they have all that money and yet can’t make a succesful youth team, and we can being in administration last year :L

  10. @markatony259 I think he’s implying we’re shit mate :L oh well what to they know armchair fans

  11. Dont matter if we dont get Clyne,nobody can deny the potential this kids got,i can guarantee he’ll be at top Premier League club either way,he is that good(no disrespect to CPFC)

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