Football Manager 2012: Season 1: Ep1- Joining Arsenal FC!

The Football Wire Video Score: 4 / 5

15 thoughts on “Football Manager 2012: Season 1: Ep1- Joining Arsenal FC!

  1. @stealthiscool Tough one, I’d say Arsenal because they never won the CL before. That said, I don’t think they can do it unlike Milan who have the experience to win.

  2. Yeah I am to be honest but he’s worth it whatever value fits in perfect as inside forward I would of spent all my January money on him

  3. I have one with arsenal currently top 8 points clear. bought 3 players all season (excluding youth players) Fellaini 22 million, Hulk 22 million, and this is a definite purchase acts brilliant as a Advanced Playmaker LW RW and occasionally ST, Hamsik from Napoli quality fits in perfect to the play and available for around 20-25 Million. =)

  4. @MrBLEACHGUY1 There are many suggestions but i would recommend either Gotze from Dortmund or Hamsik from Napoli. 🙂

  5. Just to let u know if your were to want kaka u could be talking about 77 million i am real madrid and thurrock and once i started the game man city kept making me offers for kaka and i eventually settled on 80 million im both happy and upset now i dont know who to get to replace kaka do u have any ideas another thing i always do is sack useless staff and hire better ones

  6. 12 not 11… can all ready tell this will be an awsome playthrough…have you noticed how much harder it is to play ”smaller” clubs in the league?

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