FIFA 12 competition between Arsenal’s youngsters

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17 thoughts on “FIFA 12 competition between Arsenal’s youngsters

  1. @melbournearsenal going to happen, sooner rather than later!! ARSENAL FEEDER CLUB!!

  2. @melbournearsenal lol u over reacting tard ! jack has said this.. HE WILL NEVER LEAVE ARSENAL.. he said this.. he will never leave Arsenal! he didnt say it would be difficult like Fabregas.. he said he will NEVER ! .. so dude.. dont over react!

  3. Walcott, hero…

    And Chamberlain is going to be one of the Arsenal players ever. 😀

  4. Everybody must watch this /watch?v=RlKPAKItOkg  careful not to wet your pants!!
    Leave your comment please!

  5. 1:59 – “teach him a lesson with a different team maybe” – worth reading into?

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