Coventry fans at Arsenal. Half time.

The Soccer Wire Video clip Rating: four / 5

25 thoughts on “Coventry fans at Arsenal. Half time.

  1. People saying ‘great fans’ yeah of course they look great but I’ve never
    seen one of these faces at the ricoh during the struggle with the club

  2. dear people that criticize these fans,
    instead of bashing it, i would join in
    you have more fun with people having fun than with people criticizing

    why so serious?

  3. This is brilliant. So brilliant I play this again and again. Coventry and
    Proud. Joy Seppala and Tim Fisher are slags! #WeAreCoventry #SisuOut #PUSB
    #Ricoh #SendUsBackHome

  4. i’ve signed the petition, i hope you get back to coventry soon because it
    is so wrong, southampton fan

  5. Sky Blues fans enjoying themselves at +Arsenal. This reminds me why I’m
    proud to be a Coventry City fan… it’s the fans that make the club… let
    us hope we can re-unite back at the Ricoh in the not too distant future and
    make the club great again. #pusb #twistandshout 

  6. Forest fan here. Nice one Cov. The comments from the Americans on here show
    just how much they fail to understand.

  7. Nice one cant beat away days good luck for rest of season Coventry from
    mighty blades utb fto

  8. why all these negative comments against them ?
    let people have fun and if you don t like it no one needs your opinion
    its not an everyday thing what they re doing and I personally admire them ,
    their team losing and they still sing and dance together
    These supporters are better than Chelsea s plastic fans

  9. I think this vid started a hidden national craze. Gateshead fans have
    started singing it too, they even played the record for us at Wembley the
    other week.

  10. footballs nothing without fans, barclays put it on their advert but yet
    their killing the premier league by allowing all the games on tv! if it
    wasnt on tv people would have to go!! the world today is lazy! get off your
    arses and support your local team!!

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