Park Chu Young’s First Interview As An Arsenal Player

By , March 10, 2012 10:33 am

The Football Wire Video Rating: four / five

22 Responses to “Park Chu Young’s First Interview As An Arsenal Player”

  1. AndySon007 says:

    He can play in attacking midfield position as well. I think that position would be very good option for him. He can pass well and keep the flow of positive passing going during the game and can shoot. So if he does not have the chance to play in striker position with VP, hope Wenger could give himself an additional option in the midfield.

  2. AdrianWoodward71 says:

    Wenger out!! vote here copy and paste /iWdMOAwyqrc into google, lets get our message over…

  3. lq91 says:

    don’t understand why wenger wouldn’t give him a chance to play! 🙁 his international scoring record is pretty impressive!

  4. N5ADAM says:

    Fucking shit…. He’s fucks of to the army in a couple of years anyway !

  5. MrNicoBico says:

    Panic buy written all over this one lads, shame aswell he seemed a decent player.

  6. erilarioristanto says:

    if he play, someone will protest “why van persie dont play?” especially we get a draw or lose

  7. reeymysterio says:

    he’s not an arsenal player? because he doesn’t get played?

  8. hassytodacookie says:

    This guy is fast on FIFA 12!!!

  9. TheMzlapq13 says:

    @Lottuzz Hes still not playing Arsenal bought him for the asian market to sell Shirts in Asia thats it thats al!l and even in france with monaco he wasnt that good Chamakh scored more than 100 goals with bordeaux and won the cup!

  10. Lottuzz says:

    @TheMzlapq13 Park is better than Chamakh. That comment is 2 months old though.

  11. TheMzlapq13 says:

    @Lottuzz because chamakh and RVP are better They are world class players. Park not yet thats Why Also Wenger signed Henry for two months…

  12. gerardaven says:

    You’ve got to ask serious questions over why this guy was signed? When we are now loaning TH14 for a couple months it’s obvious he’s not in the manager’s plans at all.

  13. Special1Mourinho says:

    밥줘 개못해 쓰렉이 밥줘 그냥 방출이나 당해라 ㅋ

  14. TheOfficialAKAY says:


  15. Koopa13 says:

    damn your fucking stupid and Racist Bitch..

  16. dawnmoon90 says:

    so he’s going to leave arsenal in 2013? if not, the military service is at least 2-3 years. whats the point signing him now?

  17. phantomwaltz says:

    so.. it seems he’s barely been in any games since he first signed on. is that normal for a new player??? confused… he made one goal in october and then he hasn’t been used after that…

  18. nmw1304 says:

    The interviewer is nuts, he said that J.S. Park is his cousin, and by the translating every word that J,Y. Park spoke the translator is being lazy

  19. nmw1304 says:

    @RockmanMegaman dude, I dont what country your from but you should be real jealous that a Korean Player has been signed by Arsenal

  20. RockmanMegaman1 says:

    I feel sorry for other arsenal players because they have to play with this korean ugly gay.

  21. PokemasterPaul says:

    @ggthcgth LOL better than anyone from your country numbnuts.

  22. Deadline24Hours says:

    Thumbs up for more Park Chu Young on the pitch! 🙂