Football Manager 2012: Season 1: Ep1- Joining Arsenal FC!

By , March 10, 2012 12:11 pm

The Football Wire Video Score: 4 / 5

15 Responses to “Football Manager 2012: Season 1: Ep1- Joining Arsenal FC!”

  1. BobertRowling says:

    @stealthiscool Tough one, I’d say Arsenal because they never won the CL before. That said, I don’t think they can do it unlike Milan who have the experience to win.

  2. stealthiscool says:

    @BobertRowling Who do you want to win in their Champions League tie???

  3. Sambonermartin says:

    Yeah I am to be honest but he’s worth it whatever value fits in perfect as inside forward I would of spent all my January money on him

  4. atmoscube22 says:

    @Sambonermartin Wow, I’m surprised you got Hulk for 22 Million

  5. Sambonermartin says:

    I have one with arsenal currently top 8 points clear. bought 3 players all season (excluding youth players) Fellaini 22 million, Hulk 22 million, and this is a definite purchase acts brilliant as a Advanced Playmaker LW RW and occasionally ST, Hamsik from Napoli quality fits in perfect to the play and available for around 20-25 Million. =)

  6. Battleman365 says:

    Kaka is 29 mill

  7. atmoscube22 says:

    @MrBLEACHGUY1 There are many suggestions but i would recommend either Gotze from Dortmund or Hamsik from Napoli. 🙂

  8. MrBLEACHGUY1 says:

    Just to let u know if your were to want kaka u could be talking about 77 million i am real madrid and thurrock and once i started the game man city kept making me offers for kaka and i eventually settled on 80 million im both happy and upset now i dont know who to get to replace kaka do u have any ideas another thing i always do is sack useless staff and hire better ones

  9. BobertRowling says:

    First you managed Milan and now Arsenal? Good choice my 2 favorite teams <3 😛

  10. dsmythy says:

    The excitement in your voice is unreal!

  11. ts5dude says:

    Buy Gotze.

  12. aced1592 says:

    you have just showed me a few things i didn’t know. thanks.

  13. xXxRePLaYz says:

    Subbed cause I love arsenal;)

  14. OwnageHDi says:

    loving it mate good work as always

  15. zumshadow999 says:

    12 not 11… can all ready tell this will be an awsome playthrough…have you noticed how much harder it is to play ”smaller” clubs in the league?