Lets Play Football Manager 2012: Part 9 (vs Tottenham)

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  1. one minute “Luis suarez may be over confident” the next its “Luis suarez doesnt look confident at all” xD

  2. @MrDX14 This was a while ago mate, I’ve obviously got better since then. If I’m honest I was still getting used to the new interface at this point so I didn’t have a clue where anything was!

  3. haahha when spurs scored the 3rd goal could not stop laughin jub u dont how to play fm choose a formation and adjust and work with it

  4. @MediaMachinima

    the magic formation is 4-3-1-2. And set the pitch to minimum size to cancel out the oppositions wing players. I’ve been doing this years, and I’m virtually unbeatable. but for fm 2012, I going to switch to the barcelona 4-3-3 to make my scouting easier- i.e. search for less specialised roles (I plan to the game for at least 40 seasons, and so I have to make everything as swift as possible- including letting the assistant manager take control of games whilst i go on holiday).

  5. Sorry jub it’s the darn predictive txt on my iPad. Yeah a know wot u sayin. I hav 2 formations a usually stick with. I won prem in my 1st season with Liverpool on fm 2011 with a gk rb cd cd lb dm cm cm amr aml at. (41221) with 1 cm as advanced play maker and the other cm an attacking midfielder. but it waz when the club got sold in jan and I got £40m for new signings. So that did help. Good luck with ur future games. I do lv the videos u put on.

  6. @colgudboy Ok, at least spell my name right. Bare in mind its still early on and I’m trying to find the right formation, so I can’t just stick with one for now- I do in future episodes. I always go with 1 of 2 formations, in case the other one isn’t working. You can’t just have one, and only one formation alone. The midfield is incredibly versatile, so it allows me to play players in different positions- and you’ll see in future episodes playing Gerrard in an unusual role, works brilliantly.

  7. Very funny. When spurs scored the 3rd a was rolling around the floor. Dub u really don’t know how 2 play fm do u. Stick with a formation and work with it. Playin players out of position etc changing things all the time don’t help

  8. Victoraleb. Yes u kan. U get half a season on demo then it carries on when u get full game.

  9. Hey guys! Can anyone please reply to this!?!?!

    Can you start playing a season on the demo and then carry that ‘save’ over into the full version when it’s released. I really need to know the answer before I start playing and commit too much to my new season. It would be great to know.

  10. 10:18- this is Football Manager at it’s very best right here.
    15:43- that is possibly one of the worst games I’ve ever done as Football Manager.

  11. @MediaMachinima Well I appreciate honesty. And I’m not getting angry, its just that it actually says their preferred position in the player reports e.g. Poacher/target man etc. and really useful so check it! lol

  12. im managing England in my game, and i sacked my assistant and just for a whimp i thought i’d approach Kenny Dalgelish to be my new assistant and he accepted, thus resigning from Liverpool, it blew my mind.

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