Milan vs Arsenal 4-0 – All Goals & Highlights – Champions League

By , March 10, 2012 6:21 am

The Soccer Wire Video clip Rating: four / 5

24 Responses to “Milan vs Arsenal 4-0 – All Goals & Highlights – Champions League”

  1. JJCNYC87 says:

    @pycckuu911 I agree….

  2. pycckuu911 says:

    its not that ac milan played good, its just arsenal sucks so badly

  3. JonhArce18 says:

    xq el calcio es mejor q la liga española por eso ibrahimovic es mejor pork hay mas competitividad y mejor futbol!

  4. matsyboy876 says:

    @Al2006essandro Yeah, cause that happened.

  5. MultiPERKZ says:

    penalty was a dive. 3-0

  6. Erminbih95 says:

    1:33 hahha they both fall

  7. MultiPERKZ says:

    @Al2006essandro 3-0 mate!!

  8. 1995manutd says:

    3:05 wa the creepiest laugh i’ve ever heard.

  9. Al2006essandro says:

    Tonight El shaarawy is going to destroy Arsenal!

    !!!!!!!Fear the Italian Pharaoh!!!


  10. bjorkman88 says:

    @guramacky lolumad

  11. Bertok1967 says:

    suck my espania cock!

  12. geckoisgiko says:

    Arsenal might as well not show up on tuesday, milan put this in the bag and went home

  13. CanalFrancolino says:

    Domani c’è il ritorno..forza Milan!

  14. guramacky says:

    fuck off ibra!!

  15. guramacky says:

    shit ibra

  16. EGOOFFICIAL2012 says:

    Forzzaaaa MILANNNN<3 ffrom KOSOVA

  17. mrJownAss says:

    3:00 Haha pathetic Koscielny, Ibra would crush him with 1 finger…

  18. fchoudhury13 says:

    Complete annihilation

  19. mrlarskrimi says:

    forza milan since 1999!
    from denmark 😀

  20. robinho99ful says:

    Forza Milan & Robinho

  21. Locc0Glocc says:

    both teams are great but i cant get enough of boatengs beastvolleys.

  22. AlidinhoAD7 says:


  23. OO2498 says:

    TO BE HONEST ROBINHO IS A DICK at his first goal ibrahimovic is the playmaker and he fell on the floor and he (robinho) went running off like he did everything

  24. TToTToTT says:

    3:00 it seems koscielny hasn’t tasted death…