Gary Speed Tribute Leeds United Collage

By , March 12, 2012 9:48 pm

The Soccer Wire Video Score: 5 / five

8 Responses to “Gary Speed Tribute Leeds United Collage”

  1. greenygrey3 says:

    Thanks Josh, yes, it was a great collage and moving moment. Cheers.

  2. joshoflufc91 says:

    The moment on the video when Speed scores vs Sheff u, I’ll never forget when they showed that and all the Leeds fans cheered, had to hold back the tears when they showed that. Great upload mate. MOT.

  3. greenygrey3 says:

    @lufcwakey Cheers, thanks a lot, agreed.

  4. lufcwakey says:

    quality video mate
    we all love leeds
    R I P Gary

  5. MrBam2877 says:

    will never forget standing there watching that video today, nearly cried for the first time in years ! RIP gary, true ledgend !!

  6. greenygrey3 says:

    Cheers Ross, it was, and great to get a good win from Snoddy’s Speedesque finishes.

  7. Ross2007Ls10 says:

    was tear jerking today experienced nowt like today 2-0! for gary speed!

  8. greenygrey3 says:

    Applauding a life and career. A life and career that everybody seems to have respected and enjoyed, and that has been applauded around the world.