Local Communities fighting back – London Riots – Millwall – Support our Police, Justice.

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25 thoughts on “Local Communities fighting back – London Riots – Millwall – Support our Police, Justice.

  1. @givemericht my great uncle was a freemason and he was a carpenter. not much evil going on there

  2. fuck off i ain’t about Turks or Sikhs we went out on a wogbash cos its their the ones disrupting the peace of our a country they’ve been allowed to inhabit and settle down in.

  3. @mskitty12311 Do you have any idea who are freemasons? Find out who are/have been high level freemasons and then try and tell me they are a good organisation and worthy of admiration.

  4. We do this in Bournemouth – we carried signs with ‘HIV + ‘ on them and just stood behind hookers on our street corners – we just told them if they stood there, they wouldnt get any trade- but we dont get anything but grief from the Police down here. They’re happy as long as it takes place in poorer, working class areas, as working class shopkeepers cant afford to sue them 🙂 Just do it for yourselves – dont rely on or wait for the police to help or support you –

  5. @ukgreaterlondon

    “i see football as a homosexual practice . ”

    I think that’s says a lot more about you than it does about football TBH…..

  6. @supahdupahguy81
    i have social awareness like the east asians and i see football as a homosexual practice .

  7. @ukgreaterlondon

    What makes you think i don’t play football??

    Adult men who dislike football in my experience i alway find to be either wrong’uns or ppl with homosexual tendancies…….#justsayin

  8. @supahdupahguy81
    we are not the ones who get to riot you football nutters .
    football is a game for the players to enjoy and sad robots like you enjoy it then riot after .

  9. @ukgreaterlondon

    “football is evil”


    I know a few men like you…..

    They act like they hate football coz they think it will impress the ladies….

    They always end up geting taken for a mug….

  10. @givemericht

    No, givemericht. I think you are wrong. I’m not totally sure, but I think you are wrong. Dickens did poke some fun at them in one of his novels. But as to the Freemasons, at the very least their objective is the Great Work, which is the study to the perfection of the Soul. For their esoteric understandings I have high regard.

    This is a deep field. The colors of the floor tiles used is the key. Not all black/white

    JFK referring to black/white

  11. @mskitty12311 That’s an interesting story. If only other popular figures had declined membership to the freemasons, I get a feeling things would be much better around here and in the whole world.

  12. The Freemasons offered Charles membership, but Charles declined. He was a free spirit, you know. He loved the theatre. He came to America. He must have had a great reception. Thousands awaited at the docks for boat bringing the next installment of The Old Curiosity Shop. They anxiously wanted to know if Little Nell lived.

  13. Dickens was visibly shaken at the thundering applause and seeing the bright gold lettering of the names of each of his novels. Dickens was attended by his friend, another great writer, but his name eludes at the moment but known for great sarcastic whit. How I would have loved to have been there that night. Females were relegated to the balconies.

  14. @givemericht

    ha I didn’t think of that one. How right you are.

    You know, compare Brits now w.18th Century men of England. I must have reincarnated from that period because that is where I live in my head. Dickens would be appalled, maybe IS appalled, watching what his world has come to

    The Freemasons once organized a great banquet for him in London. They decorated the walls w. the names of each of his novels. When he entered he had a thundering applause. He was known as The Inimitable.

  15. @mskitty12311 I don’t know what it is either but I do know that the public in our country does not have the brain power to focus on the root causes of this so it doesn’t happen again. People will forget all about it in a week or so and then in the future it will happen again. If us English had a brain between us we would be ASHAMED we let our society get this bad, now we don’t even need a football game to riot.

  16. @givemericht
    football is evil just like christ jew and muslim .
    i will keep sexy ladies happy and listen when they are sad or angry ,
    we must punish these rioters using military punishment OUCH !

  17. just grabage… send them all back to their failed societies. they are interlopers Albion and EVERYONE knows it!!!

  18. @mskitty12311

    The Turks-English football situation goes back to at least 2000 when Leeds United played Galatasaray of Turkey….some Leeds fans disrespected their flag over there & two Leeds fans subsequently got murdered…

    To a degree, if you’re in someone else’s country as a temporary guest then you are representing the country, it’s unavoidable…ppl will just see it that way.

    The aristocracy aren’t accessible to normal ppl, most ppl tend to judge a country by it’s civilians…

  19. @supahdupahguy81

    Are you honestly going to tell me you have no idea why the Turks will stab the English soccer team after that?

    Come on, now. There’s a time for the English soccer crowd to simply grow up. What this ritual is with going berserk is beyond me. I know it happens in other countries too w. their own soccer teams. Can you explain this behavior to me?

    Seems to me when English are in another country, you represent England as a whole. Do the aristocracy behave this way?

  20. @mskitty12311

    Why do i need to watch out? my real-life friends already know about my no-nonsense way of stating opinions…….what i said wasn’t racist….i’m just using coarse language..

    LOL @ Turks….nah they hate the English from when some pasty louts went to Turkey for a football match & wiped their arse with the Turkish flag…. that’s why the English get stabbed everytime they go over there…

  21. @supahdupahguy81

    You know, you better watch out talking like that, and putting any friends you may have between a rock and a hard place.

    I thought I saw a post something about the Sikhs and Turks are friends with England.

  22. @givemericht

    I have to agree with you.  They act like animals after a game. No better than the looters. I don’t know what it is about soccer (assuming that’s what Millwall is about) that brings out such rowdy, mindless behavior.

  23. Fucking Millwall fans came to my home town a few years ago and smashed shit up, ruining businesses there AND NOW THEY’RE THE GOOD GUYS??? FUCK YOU!! FUCK ALL OF YOU WE DESERVE A FUCKING NUKE DROPPED ON US

  24. @ukgreaterlondon This is the reason why most people hate the EDL: Because you always sound like a bunch of twats. Problems in our society are solved using brain power and the lack of it in the EDL (and most of the general public) is why our country is so fucked. You support wars that you have no idea about, you are senselessly racist and senselessly prejudiced. EDL will never heal this country, only fuck it up more. Millwall came to my home town a few years ago and smashed it up. Twats.

  25. @Denjo1958 Exactly. If these people cared BEFORE the riots then maybe we wouldn’t have had riots. I think we just have to resign ourselves to the fact that our country is fucked because there are too many dullards here now. The funny thing is that it is the “native” people who are the stupid ones and they think they’re not the problem. More punishment and police isn’t going to help for shit, we need to change the root causes of this in our society. Of course, that’s not how people see it.

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