Let’s Play Football Manager 2011 #1 – Crystal Palace FC

The Soccer Wire Video Score: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Let’s Play Football Manager 2011 #1 – Crystal Palace FC

  1. @liamvidz Nah I’m 14, In year 10 and got lots of modules. Did my RP one today

  2. @MoonschoolGamer Well it just shows the tags work lol. There are only like 6 people doing Fm2011 let’s plays so I put all their channel names in my tags, I would recommend you watch from #4 onwards because the game volume issue was solved. Thanks for watching!

  3. Hey Mate, I found this video because I my name is in the tags, made me smile. Anyway nice Let’s Play and I have subbed. I’m going to watch some more later so keep up your the videos mate and have a nice day (:

  4. @liamvidz Pretty much every day, but I do have exams so obviously they take priority

  5. @tipo114 Lol, I can commentate a lot better than this casually but when your actually doing it live it’s harder than you think haha

  6. Me from being an american retarded i thought this was american football lol

  7. @MrSHADEKILLA No idea what that game is, and I’ve got no money whatsoever atm 🙁

  8. @MileZG90 Yeah I know, unfortunately the first 7 episodes will be like this :/ but I have turned the volume down for the rest of the season when I record it

  9. @TheHAMSTA1993 Last season for Palace he was amazing, did you see his goal in the FA CUP against Aston Villa, 35 yard free kick. Cracker 🙂

  10. Umm if you want to be a match commentator can you pls lower the match volume so i can hear you during the match.

  11. @Letsmultiplays Lol what does the whole reswt of the world call it? America isn’t the only country in the world.

  12. So many numbers, and stats. This is not my type of game o.O still watched the whole thing though. Liked.

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