Let’s Play Football Manager 2011 #1 – Crystal Palace FC

By , March 13, 2012 10:28 pm

The Soccer Wire Video Score: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Let’s Play Football Manager 2011 #1 – Crystal Palace FC”

  1. TheTheTheBobby says:


  2. TechLetsPlays says:

    @liamvidz Nah I’m 14, In year 10 and got lots of modules. Did my RP one today

  3. TechLetsPlays says:

    @MoonschoolGamer Well it just shows the tags work lol. There are only like 6 people doing Fm2011 let’s plays so I put all their channel names in my tags, I would recommend you watch from #4 onwards because the game volume issue was solved. Thanks for watching!

  4. MoonschoolGamer says:

    Hey Mate, I found this video because I my name is in the tags, made me smile. Anyway nice Let’s Play and I have subbed. I’m going to watch some more later so keep up your the videos mate and have a nice day (:

  5. TechLetsPlays says:

    @TheMyStuffing £19.99 at most

  6. TechLetsPlays says:

    @liamvidz Pretty much every day, but I do have exams so obviously they take priority

  7. TechLetsPlays says:

    @tipo114 Lol, I can commentate a lot better than this casually but when your actually doing it live it’s harder than you think haha

  8. tipo114 says:

    SO when are yo getting a job on sky sports?

  9. MrMinecraftPlays says:

    @Letsmultiplays I dont stalk you.

  10. TechLetsPlays says:

    @mitchy123manu 14

  11. mitchy123manu says:

    how old r you

  12. tubbabubba123 says:

    OMG FM lets play i was just about to start this!!

  13. rueben101production says:

    Me from being an american retarded i thought this was american football lol

  14. TechLetsPlays says:

    @MrSHADEKILLA No idea what that game is, and I’ve got no money whatsoever atm 🙁

  15. TechLetsPlays says:

    @MileZG90 Yeah I know, unfortunately the first 7 episodes will be like this :/ but I have turned the volume down for the rest of the season when I record it

  16. TechLetsPlays says:

    @IxCHRISxIRFC 😀 Cheers bro, inspired by you obviously

  17. TechLetsPlays says:

    @TheHAMSTA1993 Last season for Palace he was amazing, did you see his goal in the FA CUP against Aston Villa, 35 yard free kick. Cracker 🙂

  18. TheHAMSTA1993 says:

    Ambrose was awful at Charlton

  19. IxCHRISxIRFC says:


  20. MileZG90 says:

    Umm if you want to be a match commentator can you pls lower the match volume so i can hear you during the match.

  21. MrMinecraftPlays says:

    @Letsmultiplays Whatever.

  22. slater920 says:

    explain plox

  23. MrMinecraftPlays says:

    @Letsmultiplays Lol what does the whole reswt of the world call it? America isn’t the only country in the world.

  24. EMPZHAR says:

    So many numbers, and stats. This is not my type of game o.O still watched the whole thing though. Liked.

  25. TheMyStuffing says:

    Btw how much is this?