Brighton v Tottenham – Official opening of the AMEX Stadium

By admin, March 12, 2012 6:32 pm

The Football Wire Video Score: four / 5

25 Responses to “Brighton v Tottenham – Official opening of the AMEX Stadium”

  1. 56tyryan says:

    we beat you 3-0 waaay

  2. OriginalYTName says:

    I like Brighton, especially because Gus is there.

    Hope you come up this season but you’re on a bit of a bad run at the moment.

  3. olliepfc94 says:

    as a pompey fan, you can understand my jealousy of this gorgeus stadium, i wish brighton the best of luck

  4. tombo1984 says:

    @FootballFirstTV Crystal Palace… 55 mins by train…

  5. philipkent07 says:

    @nibsntrigs1 good job, cos it wasnt!!

  6. Lanky20 says:

    Pompey are so rubbish and they have tiny ground!! He he

  7. Lanky20 says:

    Pompey have a well rubbish stadium!! Brighton keep spending money!!

  8. FootballFirstTV says:

    the only reason you got 30,000 fans is because whereelse is someone from brighton going to go…Havant and Waterlooville

  9. cccxxxc says:

    @nibsntrigs1 why?

  10. philipkent07 says:

    @nibsntrigs1 wasn’t allowed to be half full either by the looks of it!!!

  11. Hicksie52 says:

    @hyacon2000 Hell hath no fury like a Palace fan forced to watch his football in a 10th rate stadium…..

  12. SwSGeeneraalx says:

    @pcrepaireastbourne cheers. Great win for both of us on the weekend.

  13. pcrepaireastbourne says:

    @SwSGeeneraalx Good luck to you too…

  14. pcrepaireastbourne says:

    @SwSGeeneraalx Fair play mate.. wish all fans were like you…

  15. olliepfc94 says:

    im a pompey fan and i’m jealous of brightons stadium!

  16. DBladez says:

    @hyacon2000 oh how did u ever come with that one. What an insult! i mean i understand your jealous but ouch!

  17. powerking23 says:

    Good luck albion from a gooner, got a soft spot for ya. Stadium looks awesome, hope you come up.

  18. MrMatbri says:

    @hyacon2000 stop talking shit when and if u get anew ground do u think it will b die hard palace fans only ??? u lot r just pissed cos we r on the march and ive been watchig the albion since th 70s when we got 30000 fans

  19. maniceddy says:

    awsome, u got our band :)

  20. QPRzone says:

    Massive pitch!

  21. hyacon2000 says:

    @MrMatbri couldnt disagree more plastic like the fans empty like the fans and well definatly looks like its sprayed in lavender…….like the fans see you pricks soon

  22. SwSGeeneraalx says:

    I’m a Southampton fan, and I must admit your ground looks like a mini wembley. :P

    I wish you good luck next season. (:

  23. MrMatbri says:

    @hyacon2000 a lot l,ot lot lot lot better than your shithole prick

  24. Th3Z0ne says:

    i edit the replays and highlight reels for those screens :)

  25. Northstander says:

    Would be good if you could include the east on the north/west stand song…would show opponents what they are up against!