A Message to Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Football club

By admin, March 9, 2012 7:47 pm

The Soccer Wire Video Rating: five / five

4 Responses to “A Message to Arsene Wenger/Arsenal Football club”

  1. JacksonFromAfrica says:

    @19yohaan Thanks. I am actually planning to make a reaction video to the signings. I’ll try to do it soon before the premier league continues. But the deadline day was filled with drama.

  2. 19yohaan says:

    i think you should make a reaction video..wenger may just have seen your video and got in these good signings!

  3. dgarciap1 says:

    U need to find a way to send this to Arsenal. good video!!

  4. 3eemy says:

    damn right , arsene WAnger should definitely make signings or he should just leave the club and have someone who’s more interested in winning trophies rather than making money run the club.