Rugby World Cup 2015 : Highlights ᴴᴰ

By , August 2, 2016 9:25 pm

20 Responses to “Rugby World Cup 2015 : Highlights ᴴᴰ”

  1. Sam - Wel says:


  2. Ronan Joseph says:

    great video

  3. ShaDow SpeeDz says:

    Terrible video, only one highlight of a Wales try but others get 5 or over

  4. Pascal LABRIET says:

    i love rugby
    i love dan carter
    i. love johnny wilkinson

  5. Mc Pac says:

    Rugby is life! great vid great tournament had a blast in London

  6. Not MyRealname says:

    That crosskick from Lloyd williams forced to play on the wing, Still gives me goosebumps how good of a kick that was and how dumbfounded the england back line was by it

  7. Fernando Raúl Ladino says:

    One of the most exciting movies about 2015 WRC

  8. Iestyn Gaming says:

    What the second song in the vid?

  9. La Team Aventures says:

    Dan carter is the best rugby player in the world

  10. Guigui 35340 says:

    Ma plus grande tristesse sur cette coupe du monde c'est que L'Ecosse n'ai pas pu aller en finale…

  11. Jack Young says:

    Wish the USA was a good contender for the RWC…maybe soon

  12. César Monteyrol says:

    Only one positive moment for France… I know they did shit but come on !

  13. Matt Arthursson says:

    really excellent video mate, good job

  14. Soso TV says:

    georgia is better than canada

  15. Meeean Azz says:

    2019 HERE WE COME!! 3 PEAT AND 4!! ??????????

  16. Meeean Azz says:

    As a Kiwi to ME the AB's vs France was the Highlight and Greatest Game. France have been our Nemesis in RWCs 99 & 07 and this is what they CREATED. It's how you stand up and comeback! And boy oh boy did the AB's surely put those ghosts of the past to rest 63 – 13 THANKS FOR COMING FRANCE!!??????? ????????????



  18. selz001 says:

    This vid is all over the place

  19. Pablo Mesa says:

    Como me encanta el rugby y mas ver este video

  20. Lisa Rogers-Owen says:

    All blacks