Rugby World Cup 2015 Group B South Africa Vs Japan

By , June 7, 2016 11:59 pm

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  1. JMS says:

    I can watch this any time and tear up. This is my fourth time to watch it, I know exactly how it plays out, but it still brings me to tears.

  2. Jordan M says:

    Personally my favourite game of Rugby ever. Plus watching Eben Etzebeth lose anything is always worth the price of admission, if Botha was there too it would have been perfect. LOL Saffas…

  3. joris vermalen says:

    Ok it's what I am feeling about that game. Did the south African team didn't respect Japan

  4. joris vermalen says:

    As a French person. I have to admit that Jean De villiers is one of the best center in the world ever. For the way he plays plus his leadership. There is something like humanity As in ok this happen that's it type of attitude

  5. joris vermalen says:

    Rugby is summarise in one picture. A guy with the shout African jersey and a bandana with the Japan flag on it. Having supporters from both team next to each other
    As long as there is these respect between supporters rugby will be fine.
    The day this is gone rugby is in trouble

  6. honyarism says:

    at the time, I was in the UK, just begging of my course work with huge pressure. I've never forgotten the moment. Japanese team gave me huge power.

  7. CJI says:

    From 2:06:572:07:05 , that look is the "where is fucking Zane Kirchner nr 15 ?", a problem throughout the entire match.
    The good(4 or 5 players), the bad(affirmative action players) and the ugly/old (the rest of the team)

  8. CJI says:

    1:31:59 (57:03 in match) Proudly brought to you by the human centipede. WTF ?

  9. Liam Holton says:

    What a game! And Amazing how well South Africa recovered!

  10. Onny Holdaway says:

    A great game. At 17.20 it looked like South Africa was going to chug home by reverting to form. However, they had never played Japan before….

  11. paladeperre2 says:

    What a wonderful match!!! There will never been a match like this. Excitment, suspense, drama and joy. Also sadness. David beat Goliath!!!

  12. Rogerio Samy Bispo Lins says:

    #Springboks super team of rugby

  13. Tomáš says:

    goromaru is best

  14. petnzme01 says:

    You don't have to recommend this video to me..I still have my copy safely tucked away in my decoder right next to the Japan vs USA, Japan vs Canada and All Blacks vs USA Eagles.

  15. Johnny Bravo says:


  16. Rob W says:

    The best World Cup game since France knocked the All Blacks out of the semi back in '99

  17. raijin435 says:


  18. King Curry says:

    What a wonderful performance by Japan.

    A thoroughly deserved win in the greatest game of rugby I've ever seen.

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  20. Skinimalinki Longlegs says:

    Watching this on Sunday night knowing it will put me in a good mood for the whole week,