Nike Academy: Arsenal

The Soccer Wire Video Ranking: four / 5

24 thoughts on “Nike Academy: Arsenal

  1. @sawixxx Ha you lost you fucking loser. to Fucking Ities too, Ha, string up whinger!

  2. Hello, i need some noise for nike football The Chance.

    Typ in search v.v. Sneek Wit Zwart and under the team logo click on Like, please like also the pictures.


  3. i would love to see nike academy vs sao pualo academy or santos
    they would get smoked these english youngsters are bogus

  4. @sawixxx Nope I pretty much hate kikes as well as arsehole whinger and you really, fuck tottingham, Man U, Liverpool and the rest really. Wenger should have been drowned when he was a whinging pup… in arsene your fucked!

  5. @poontagtroll u seem like a YIDS fan
    fuck you we dont need ur opinion. in arsene we trust . COYG

  6. i wish we fucken had Nike academy’s, premier league junior football clubs here in Australia, we don’t have shit here


  8. @Lorenshyne it sounds dodgy yes but remember this years Nike team is made up from a wider talent pool from the world instead of just England plus most of these guys could be ex academy rejects or were not offered contracts or simply havnt tried to make it till now

  9. @Lorenshyne Nike Academy has been training them well. Also, you cannot judge a players skill based on where they come from.

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