Lets Play Football Manager 2012: Tottenham (vs Everton)

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13 thoughts on “Lets Play Football Manager 2012: Tottenham (vs Everton)

  1. Managers Office! I bought´╗┐ Cissokho in 1st season with Spurs too. 7M transfer deadline day. Lucky because Assou-Ekotto broke his leg the next day ­čÖü Dos Santos has been great for me on the wings.

  2. @SunSurfer777 haha thanks for watching attack is the best for of defence but we haven’t really struggled´╗┐ against bigger opposition. Check out the rest of my series to find out.

  3. good luck with the series i will be following. Hope you will follow´╗┐ me when i start mine

  4. Kudos for being so attacking, that central midfield pairing will be great going forwards but a´╗┐ bit lightweight when coming up against stronger, more balanced midfielders. I’d have pushd Van Der Vart further forwards and played Parker with Modric in the middle, Pav on the bench. Nice vid though.

  5. @MrCraftMineCraft It was template from a guy on YouTube, ill pm you´╗┐ his channel link he has lots of great free intro templates.

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