Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2010/11 [720p]

The Football Wire Video clip Score: four / five

25 thoughts on “Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2010/11 [720p]

  1. let’s say we miss Carletto,
    We shouldn’t have sacked him after a season that wasn’t so bad afterall.
    a season with long term injuries to the trio JT lamps and didier.
    AVB sucks, he can’t coach Lampard. he’s not fit for that and Lampard is Chelsea.
    BTW really a surprise Lamps wants on the top10
    and the reason for us not being on top that season might have been the same.

  2. Watching Chelsea of this season makes me realize that Chelsea weren’t that bad during 10-11 season. Sure we weren’t untouchable like we used to be, but at least we could beat teams like Birmingham City at home.

  3. Please make the top 10 for this season also. This video was so well made and a lot better than most footballing videos on youtube. I love the combination of music and match commentary.

  4. Alex is the best power free kick taker, that I have ever seen. Malouda had a great season!

  5. The 8 dislikes are from
    1. Rooney (Man Utd)
    2. Nani (Man Utd)
    3. Giggs (Man Utd)
    4. Hart (Man City)
    5. Van De Sar (Man Utd)
    6. Vidic (Man Utd)
    7. Ferdinand (Man Utd)
    8. Hernandez (Man Utd)
    They Are Mostly Man Utd because we beat them 2-1 and because blue is a better color

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