Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2009/10

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24 thoughts on “Chelsea FC Top 10 Goals 2009/10

  1. @BlackOPZL96A1KING idk who’s fool man!!
    We need Carlo Ancelotti immediatelly and J.Cole, Anelka, Deco & Ballack…
    They were just 70% of the team that won PL Title 2009/10

  2. We need Joe Cole, Deco, Anelka and Ballack here right now!!!

  3. Really nostalgic moments 🙂

    now,almost all of them has changed, getting slower

    Need 2nd revolution,eh?

  4. 9th best goal: Great through ball to Ashley Cole by Lampard!
    8th best goal: Beautifully flicked in the way of Ashley Cole by Lampard!
    5th best goal: Nice dummy to let the ball get to free Ivanovic by Lampard!
    4th best goal: Judging the cross and beautifully putting in the back of the net by Lampard!
    2nd best goal: Brilliant back heel over the defender for Drogba by Lampard!

    Lampard the best!

  5. awesome list, although i think #2 might’ve been the better of the top 2 just cause it was a total team effort right there. both are brilliant though 🙂

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