Chelsea FC songs – The Pride of London

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24 thoughts on “Chelsea FC songs – The Pride of London

  1. I miss starting lineup when Jose Mourinho still as a Manager for Chelsea :’) and he’s come to home and with a standing ovation from the fans that he was called ‘The Happy One’

  2. we are are bigger than Leeds. I am 19 and have supported Chelsea all my life. My dad has supported Chelsea all of his life. There are alot of core Chelsea fans, alot more than Leeds. Come back when you have matured.

  3. Chelsea has big fanbase 🙂 u should look all over the world. 3rd most selling kits manu behind at 4th

  4. Trophies aren’t a measure of how big you are because you didn’t generate that money from fanbase but a single oligarch pumping money into a club. using your logic man city are bigger than liverpool? HAHHAHa bottom line is chelsea has a small core fanbase, way smaller than arsenal & still smaller than spurs, thus not being a big club. come back when youre bigger than Leeds.

  5. if you genuienly believe that, you know nothing of football. Chelsea have won the Chamions league, Europa league, FA cup, Premier league, League cup, Community shield and Youth cup in the past decade. Now tell me, what trophies have these “bigger” clubs won in the past 10 years?

  6. LOL. Chelsea ain’t even the third biggest club in London. 1.Arsenal, 2.Spurs, 3.West Ham

  7. Why dont you try supporting a lower league English team? They would greatly appreciate your support more than Chelsea. Take a look at Leagues 1 and 2 (the two leagues below the Premiership and Championship)… You will find some great old clubs.

  8. thats the most stupid thing i ever heard i am swedish and dont disrespect swedes
    and you know what its in the blood i been chelsea fan all life and i tell you what not every day is good as a chelsea fan but blue fans never lose hope
    chelsea rule

  9. You couldnt punch your way out of a paper bag cha, and im not from London you silly cunt.

  10. Shut your mouth pig!! im swedish viking,dont talk shit about vikings!!!. Who the FUCK you think you are??? and i love old chelsea,ok they got extra money like many other clubs. But u now that they allways have the best and hardest fans…The where down fighting many years in the secund division before,but chelsea is CHELSEA!!!. in the 80 no one talk shit about them,but now when they got money bla,bla,bla….hahahahaaaa

  11. With the drug dealers, smackheads and gay ‘cruizers’… Course you would.

  12. I envy Londoners, when I fancy a walk I can go up mountains in the lake district, when Londoners fancy a walk they get to walk to the East London mosque… Truly tragic.

  13. lol the north is known for being poor and inbred, I’d rather live down in London thanks.

  14. Aza, you sound like a 12 year old who has drank to much Rola-Cola. We dont really have queers up here, think you will find thats more of a London thing, Soho and all that.

  15. Lol dumb cunt tryna act hard on the internet, jealousy is a female trait go put on your mothers skirt you queer fuck.

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