Chelsea FC – Breaking News – Andre Villas-Boas

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24 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Breaking News – Andre Villas-Boas

  1. As a Chelsea fan watching this I had to LOL! In June he was only second best to Mourinho now his name isn’t worth s!@t at the Bridge. These plastic Blues fans that hate him now. Just as impatient for results at Roman! AVB is a top manager. Oh well, here we go again…my bet is on Capello over Mourinho.

  2. You sir are a mercenary and one ungrateful SOB. If it wasn’t for Porto you were nothing and you can thank FC Porto team, staff and structure for what you are today.

    There are more important and bigger things in life than money and if you fail at Chelsea don’t come crawling and crying back. Pesetero

  3. lol villas-boas is as young as drogba and lampard, Im sure he wont have problems becoming friend with the players
    its awesome i cant wait for the season to start i believe they are going to have serious chemistry

  4. @ nightsayana this is the dumb fuck who will send old Alex by the end of this coming season

  5. FCPORTO:UEFA Champions League=2, UEFA Europe League=2, UEFA Super Cup=1, Intercontinental Cup=2;

    Chelsea: UEFA Champions League=0, UEFA Europe League=0, UEFA Super Cup=0, Intercontinental Cup=0;

    This says everything……

    Chelsea is great in money!

    F.C.PORTO is great in football.”

  6. In Portuguese the LL is pronounced. Just like you would pronounce Villa in Aston Villa. For Villas-Boas, just go easy on the Ss let them trail off your tongue. If you can’t manage it, just find the name of his English grandmother and call him that. Which you eventually will start calling him anyways, should he not succeed at Chelsea, which I very much doubt. He will be Mourinho number 2. But he needs to get Falcâo, Hulk and Moutinho from Porto.

  7. @SuperTruth77 Thats the world we live in man. Thou i’m a football fan and i’ll carry Benfica in my heart at all time I must agree that some supporters or should i say people are too ignorant and evil to care about the others, they use our sport to take out from they’re chest all the hate they’re miserable life has brought to them.

    Not All football fans are scum and to generalize is as wrong as to insult your pop’s.


    Carrega Benfica!

  8. so this is the new dumbfuck which Sir Alex is going to send at the end of the season?

  9. when you come to the dragon you will get a surprise. wanted the Joao Moutinho? Suck my harmonica! STRENGTH AND MANCHESTER UNITED, FC PORTO!

  10. Thumbs up if dont want Neymar and want Sturridge instead to play for Chelsea on a regular basis 🙂

  11. He misprounounced his name. The LLs in his named are pronounced in Portuguese.

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