American Football vs Rugby – Best Comparison Ever Seen

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  1. Rugby's always going to be better

    Also this person is biased towards hand egg

  2. Grew up playing rugby which requires a hell of a lot of stamina and technique when tackling but I’ve never been hit as hard as when I went to a couple of training sessions for my university American Football team. With rugby you have to keep something in reserve to keep it up for 80 mins and when you’re exposed. With AF the pad and helmet protection and limited in-game time mean you can give it 100% every time. What impressed me most about AF is the role of the quarterback as a leader, the technique to catch the ball at speed in tight spaces while wearing a lot of restricting equipment, the power of hits, the level of extreme specialization and the effort needed to memorize and execute choreographed plays. Really enjoy both games for very different reasons.

  3. i really cant believe the level of stupidity of this videos comparing a dinamic sport like rugby and football wich even has tv breaks. the main objective of one is selling to a consumist society and the other is a gentlemens sport which promotes grat values such like teamwork humility and hardwork anything like to the american sport

  4. Rugby hits against AF hits (without pads) would be pretty similar lets be honest, the average heights of props/locks and linebackers are pretty much the same. My fave lock paul o connell was 2m and 240lbs. Without padding, getting hit my a rugby forward at speed is like getting hit by a small car. Its far closer than this thread is saying. Linebackers are, on average, slightly heavier, but only by a few kg. Most forwards in rugby sit around the 105kg to 115kg bracket. Its physics, specifically momentum, the rugby tackle will be at a greater velocity since thats the way you are trained to break down a tackle. Say you have no pads, a forward and a linebacker running full pelt towards each other, I think most of the time rugby player comes out on top, no? Say the linebackers slightly heavier, but the forward slightly quicker. If the linebacker goes for a shoulder charge or something like that, then they would both leave in an ambulance, simply because of momentum (mass x velocity), so the two dudes have a very similar momentum and the hits would have a similar magnitude of force. This is where I think the forward has the advantage, its all about technique, the direction when coming in to the tackle, body height. The point is rugby players are trained to successfully tackle other rugby players (with similar height/weight to linebackers).

  5. Lets end this Football vs Rugby Debate. Lets just look at the players who played both sports and how they fared


    –Gavin Hastings = One of the greatest Scottish rugby players of all time. Played one year in NFL Europe as a placekicker, didn’t make 1 field goal, and got released.

    –Gary Anderson –Grew up playing rugby, was a 4x Pro Bowl kicker

    –Richard Tardits= French, grew up playing rugby, played only 27 games in the NFL with no tackles before getting cut. However, was on the USA national rugby team for 7 years

    –David Dixon = Played rugby all of life. Played Football for the first time in college and was a 13 year NFL player

    –Haloti Ngata = Played football all his life. 5x Pro Bowler in the NFL. Played Rugby in High School and was a stud who led his Rugby team to the National Championship.

    –Stewart Bradley = Played throughout his life and in the NFL for 7 years. Played rugby in high school and was a 3x Rugby National Champion.

    –Hayden Smith = An Australian basketball player started playing rugby union in college just to stay fit. Was an All-American before playing professionally for 7 years and with the USA national team. Took an Hiatus from Rugby to try the NFL for 1 season and got cut.


    -Steve Tasker = Played football all his life. 7x Pro-Bowl, 5x All-Pro. Played College Rugby 1 year for the first time in his life and was the MVP of the Big Ten Rugby Conference Tournament.

    -Dan Lyle = USA Rugby Hall of Fame player who played football all his life and didn’t start playing rugby until 23.

    -Dave Hodges = Well known USA rugby player who played football at a Division III school and didn’t start playing Rugby until 18.

    -Leonard Peters = Played College football and tried out for the NFL and got cut, but made the US 7’s team.

    -Carlin Isles = Spent life playing football. Didn’t start playing rugby until 2012 and became a rugby sensation within a year. (I think we see a pattern here),

    -Nate Ebner = Plays currently in the NFL, and decided to try out for the US national team and made the cut

    –Jarryd Hayne = Not Rugby Union (League), but very well known rugby player who played 9 games with an NFL team before getting cut.

    The Conclusion: Players with Football backgrounds are more likely to transition into Rugby a lot easier than non-kicking Rugby players transitioning into football. The proof is there. You have players who were good enough to play high level football football (Tasker, Ngati, Ebner, etc) that dominated on the rugby field, While you have top notch rugby players (Hayne, Hastings, Smith, etc) who weren't good enough to play consistently in the NFL. You have players with football backgrounds who didn't play rugby until late (Isles, Lyle, Hodges, etc) that became dominant in rugby. So in otherwords: THEY PLAY RUGBY BECAUSE THEY AREN"T GOOD ENOUGH TO PLAY FOOTBALL.

  6. The main reason american football didnt grow is simply because its a boring game that takes hours to finish.Theres too much commercialism and hollywood involved.I heard before that more americans go to football matches for the entertainment rather than the game which says it all and doesnt say much about the game itself.

  7. Safe to say America has better women.. The females of Europe, especially west.. Women tend to lack the grace, physique and allure of the cheerleaders in American Football..

  8. Rugby isn't for wimps, so if football players even TRIED to play rugby, they'll end up killing themselves

  9. I'm English and rugby is shit. But American football is also shit. They're both shit. FUCK OFF N DIE

  10. I reckon there should be a mixed-match of NFL Super Bowls vs Rugby All Blacks in a rugby game, and then vice-versa on a NFL game, I reckon this will end the testosterone war. Connor McGregor vs Mayweather has proven it.

  11. I think both games are great just as long as they're not kicking it all the time

  12. The English fantasize about winning WWII(that's why Churchill BEGGED the USA to enter the war, and we gave them the Lease Lend Act, then joined, and had the lions share of victory at the end of the war, becoming the worlds FIRST and ONLY super power. No, Russia got their asses kicked, the Germans couldn't move in the slug and snow in Siberia. Then you have all the losses due to foolish British pride, the movie A Bridge too far, illustrates that latter. Monty, an overbearing, prideful clown orchestrated that operation which was a total failure. Now the liberals in the USA and GOOGLE have purposely infiltrated the net with a rewrite of history claiming the Russians won World War 2 almost single handed, with a bit of help from the British and a few other allies, claiming the USA only provided transportation and production of armament. Really? The WWII American troops would probably disagree with you. The reports that Germans didn't respect Americans? We refer to it as "butt hurt", Cause' the United States of America not only KICKED THE LIVIN' SHIT out of the Nazis, we also got the nukes before Hitler did. And Hitler and Stalin were no different, both totalitarian, both maniacs, and Stalin murdered more Jews(9 million) than Hitler(6 million). So Rugby? Ah, its tough, but the NFL? Its a livin' hell. You fucking British cunts wouldn't last 5 minutes on the field, they'd be carrying your candy ass off the field like the women you are.

  13. One thing i cant understand is why (in football) theu line up and at the whisle blow, head butt each other

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