#6 Arsenal v Tottenham Football Manager Handheld 2012 Prediction

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17 thoughts on “#6 Arsenal v Tottenham Football Manager Handheld 2012 Prediction

  1. @arsenaljay91 Agreed, but I cannot select the opposition side. If I had chosen Arsenal I would have picked a full strength team and it would have been down to Tottenham’s AI to pick´╗┐ the team. Don’t take it so personally mate, I’m making it as even as I can ­čÖé Apologies.

  2. @liverpoolforever10 I have a video on it, search ‘Football Manager Handheld 2012 Transfer Update’ into YouTube search´╗┐ and it should come up ­čÖé

  3. @busmanz1 Yes´╗┐ there is, search my videos, I have uploaded a tutorial. Type in ‘Football Manager Handheld January Transfer Update’ into the YouTube search ­čÖé PSP ONLY

  4. @fmhandheld Hi i like your vids alot and i just wanna ask if you know whether they released a transfer update for fmh´╗┐ 2012 psp . thx

  5. @fmhandheld my point is what kind of arsenal squad was that, you had full strength´╗┐ they had weak team with players our of position.

  6. @arsenaljay91 It’s for one game just to see who FMH´╗┐ predict to win . . Don’t be too quick to judge.

  7. Hmm ive watched alot of your videos, but Being spurs is just vile! and whats´╗┐ with the Arsenal squad? Either way i will come back once you fin with spurs. YUCK!

  8. I disagree strongly with the norwich game, don’t think man utd will´╗┐ win with ‘ease’ whatsoever

  9. @teddalar But before that they lost to Swansea, drew to Fulham and lost to Norwich. All teams they need to be beating´╗┐ in my opinion.

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