Gareth Bale’s lighting speed goal against Barcelona in the finals of the Copa del Rey has amazed many fans, coaches and players around the globe as the Welshman is proving why Real Madrid was willing to offload €91 million for the 24 years old midfielder.

When the match concluded there was nothing but praise towards Bale. Carlo Ancelotti considered Bale’s goal to be the most defining moment of the entire match while Xabi Alonso recognized the work and the goal that the former Tottenham player scored during their match against Barcelona.

“It was his most important goal, it was the most defining moment of the game,” the manager Ancelotti said in the post-match press conference.

Ancelotti told teh nederland chili odds website “I think we played very well, we were playing against a very strong team. We had to suffer at times but I think it is a deserved victory. We are very proud to have won this competition.”

Xabi Alonso said: “The goal was incredible; I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it. It looked like the ball was going out and he was under pressure, he ran off the pitch to keep it in, it was just amazing. Now we have the taste of victory. It was a really exciting game, with both sides playing at their best.”

Gareth Bale winning goal gave Carlo Ancelotti his first trophy since he took charge of Real Madrid and replaced Jose Mourinho. The Real Madrid players and fans are ambitious for more silverware this season with Bale even saying that his teammates will continue working hard not only to win the Champions League but the Spanish League as well.

“We’ve won the first of the three available titles and we have to keep fighting for everything.” Bale announced.