Thierry Henry: Statue shows the love I have for Arsenal

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24 thoughts on “Thierry Henry: Statue shows the love I have for Arsenal

  1. Yes he did handball it, but before any footballer can call him a cheat if they were in that position they probably would have done the same!

  2. I’ve just seen the vid bout Tony adams statue

    Where da fuck is David Seaman’s Statue!!!!!!!!!

  3. Im an Ireland fan and i respect henry cuz you know what? He said he handballed it in front of the shut the fuck up..REFEREE IS THE RETARD DUDE

  4. @6anatolyy4 yea because only the irish have been complaining about this even though its been years… of cause you have to blame the ref. so if ronaldo chooses to dive his way to a penalty or any other top stars do the same thing, they’re not gona be stupid to point it out. the game depends on the ref. no anytime henry is mentioned in a sentence the word legend is used. its only people like you that will continue to harass him but its over no one’s even bothering about that no more mate.

  5. @Gooner14henry 1) you have no idea which nation I am from, so your logic falls down there for a start. 2) Blame the ref? Did the ref handball it? 3) I don’t need to change your perspective. Unfortunately for you that incident is now written down in history. Any time Henry is mentioned in the same sentence as anything to do with the world cup, his cheating will be mentioned in the same breath. I will add is that Henry was a class player in the prem. Never seen such grace and balance in a player

  6. @6anatolyy4 you sir are a disgrace to your own nations. sick of all the irish being so bitter.honestly so its fine if your team cheats their way through but the moment its done against them its a foul. screw you people, at least have some decency to blame the ref, no normal player would confess even if it was messi or ronaldo diving. shut the hell up and move the fuck on, ireland were a shit team anyway.henry=legend always. and you know you wont be able to change our perspective.

  7. Say what you want about henry but the man has undeniable passion. I dont think you’ll see aguero shedding tears for city

  8. @jamiegregg90 All that good work undone inside of about 2 seconds. The sad thing is, he probably realises that himself.

  9. @6anatolyy4 where did i say he dint handball it, he did and im glad he did, the paddys are shit anyway. u seriously cnt be a arsenal, ur a tool if u think henry will be remembered as a cheat. so maradona will, rooney will, gerrard will, messi will, ronaldo x2 will. is that right?

  10. @jamiegregg90 Daily Mail Online “I will be honest, it was a handball,’ said former Arsenal striker Henry”. Oh dear, that doesn’t look very good for your argument, does it? 🙂

  11. @6anatolyy4 that dont matter u knob, wud have gone to extra time and most likely france wud have one. pretty sure ireland had a few helping hands on the way to playing france, remember ur only a cheat if u dont get caught right. u talk bollocks!

  12. @jamiegregg90 Legend-ary cheater, yes. Manged to cheat an entire nation out of a World cup place. I’d say that’s pretty legendary..

  13. @6anatolyy4 well what the fuck u goin on about u moron. u aint no arsenal fan, just a sad guy hu sits at home and watches the footy on the t.v. every player has cheated, henry is a legend!

  14. @lightcandle here here…….look at chelsea forkin out 50 million for 1 player who doesnt even start

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