The Rugby Championship 2016 Rd 3: Australia v South Africa

20 thoughts on “The Rugby Championship 2016 Rd 3: Australia v South Africa

  1. boks win in pretoria against australia such is the shitty state of rugby and skill in that country they have to rely on drop goals to win instead of actual phase building rugby

  2. Boks need to stop making up excuses about race and quotas. This bok team was as whiter than the WBs. Your team just sucks. Deal with it.

  3. Marika Koroibete and Curtis Rona will hopefully add some spark, drop Cooper, he is past his prime.

  4. love the game NZ born and raised there will come a time ABS will lose but we all love to see close games kiwis just step up to another level each time, only have to look at the super rugby we dominated every aspect of that comp if it was based on points NZ teams would be all playing in the end

  5. Foley should be at no 10. Cooper is a liability, not an asset, and he is hopeless in defence. Foley is all class. Drop Cooper. Well done Ozzie and especially Bernard Foley

  6. Who, if anyone, can challenge the All Blacks now? Maybe England, perhaps the Lions. Who knows.

  7. i find funny how the aussie commentators are trying to look on the bright side everytime there team screws up

  8. Is it just me? I think the match cannot be compared with Pumas vs. ABs at all. I felt like watching division 2 teams.

    P.s. I'm an Springboks fan though

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