Rugby League – State Of Origin 3 NRL 2013

20 thoughts on “Rugby League – State Of Origin 3 NRL 2013

  1. At least NSW always has the gay mardygrah to celebrate! GET A COCK UP YA! hahaha!

  2. Defend defend defend! Something no NSW player will ever learn to do… in 12 years…

  3. hahaha watmough appealing for NSW turnover due to a streaker…shit for brains :')

  4. you can barely tell josh and brett morris have down syndrome, good on them.

  5. Merrin knocks it on and then scores but the commentators don't comment on that, what the actual fuck.

  6. The penalty in the start was not nsw player went down and Inglis was going to tackle

  7. It's a wonder Gus can talk with so much blue shaft and balls in his fat mouth.

  8. Queensland always have the rub of the green because its all about Queensland! look at every game you'll see that Queensland always win the penalty count! Ref is always on there side! what can you do! not much!

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