Following the loss to Barcelona in the El Clasico, La Liga leaders Real Madrid face serious pressure to win the rest of their games if they want to lift the local league.

Coach Zinedine Zidane has admitted that he did not fully understand the team’s position and this could lead to far-reaching consequences for the team.

Captain Sergio Ramos was sent off in the game but Madrid left on just Nacho as the defender. They were a goal down and then they lost a man. Barcelona could not afford to sit back with their advantage so they pressed hard for a winner. They were all out to seal the game following the red card so they were reckless at the back, allowing substitute James Rodriguez tap in a Marcelo cross.

The game was settled at 2-2 but Madrid did not cover their backs well – the same mistake Barcelona made few minutes back. It was at their home and there were just few minutes left to play. They should have protected the scoreline but they pushed forward.

Barcelona went out with Sergio Roberto doing the bulk of the work through an incredible run. Lionel Messi ended up scoring his 500th career goal and a memorable one against their arch rivals.

“We thought we could score a third goal. Equalizing, with 10, and then going to press very high, is dangerous, and we paid for that,” Zidane said after the match.

Instead of Madrid to have sat on that draw, they lost their advantage. They were ahead three points, with a game in hand but they still had the distraction of the Champions League. A draw would have been a Manning Soccer decent margin.

All in all, Madrid would have to win all the rest of their games or get at least a draw in their one game at hand if Barcelona win all of theirs because Camp Nou holds the advantage if it comes to head to head. Protecting the game instead of a needless push for a third goal could have sealed the La Liga race that day.