Raul Meireles joins Chelsea

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25 thoughts on “Raul Meireles joins Chelsea

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  9. @Elninofreak You can have them both mate, was loving nandos miss today really £50million material

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  11. @Elninofreak Meireles is shite anyway left cos he couldnt get into our first team and mata has scored more in 3 games then nando has in over 20 hahahah you mugs you got had off

  12. @Matthiggins1994 hahahahahaaha!!!!!!! hahahahaahahahahahahahahahaha we stole torres!!!!! hhahahaahhhahahaahahaha we r rich u people r poor…..:d…….no matter what torres n meireles will always be ours u cock!

  13. @lilkeepahadj I still love Meireles, but my feelings with Torres has cooled off.. 🙂 I think that the way Torres left us was sad and idiotic, but I have respect for Meireles’ choice 🙂

  14. @basque888 Had it not been for injuries and fitness issues he would’ve been a very important player in the squad, the man undoubtedly has enough talent to play for a top team and considering he’s english (no offence intended to any englishmen out there) his technique is exceptionally well, unlike 99% of all the other players with english nationality.

  15. he looked more like one of the deckhands on a rock tour than a footballer against sunderland.

  16. @ConnorSlatter Your haven’t watched many Liverpool games He was good and consistant for one season his first the rest he was injury prome and couldn’t set up goals have you seen some of the strikers Liverpool have had, Who would you rather have Suarez or Torres ?

  17. @5dicky No he wasn’t at all Lucas was, Raul Meireles was one of those players were he would go missing there were times when I thought he wasn’t even playing I think £12M is a good bit of business.

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