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By admin, May 8, 2014 9:34 am

Gareth Bale’s lighting speed goal against Barcelona in the finals of the Copa del Rey has amazed many fans, coaches and players around the globe as the Welshman is proving why Real Madrid was willing to offload €91 million for the 24 years old midfielder.

When the match concluded there was nothing but praise towards Bale. Carlo Ancelotti considered Bale’s goal to be the most defining moment of the entire match while Xabi Alonso recognized the work and the goal that the former Tottenham player scored during their match against Barcelona. Continue reading 'UP TO SPEED'»

Online Football Stream Aston Villa vs Crystal Palace Live

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Cristiano Pays For Real’s 10 Month Old Fan

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By admin, March 28, 2014 8:34 am

Cristiano Ronaldo, who has recently surpassed the regular winner of FIFA best player of the year Lionel Messi, has come into the news again, not for his multimillion lifestyle but for his unique charitable act. The 28-year-old player has decided to save the life of an infant, a Real Madrid fan who is presently suffering from dysplasia.

According to the sources in the Real Madrid club, Ronaldo, no matter how much he faces controversies for his lavish and expensive lifestyle and coughing out pounds for his everyday activities, the young striker has also won the hearts of his fans by saving the child’s life.

10 month old Erik Cruz who badly needs brain surgery, belongs to a economically backward family. His parents were unable to raise funds for their son’s treatment even after spreading about Cruz’s disease all over the Internet and media. But even after trying so hard, his parents could arrange for funds and had almost left all hopes for their child.

But when the Real Madrid striker came to know about Cruz, he did not delay a moment and chose to extend his assistance towards the child. Cruz needs around 60,000 pound for his brain surgery, but later, even after the completion of the surgery, each post operative test will cost 6000 pound. Cristiano Ronaldo, taking the entire burden of Cruz’s operations’ expenditure, has decided to pay the entire amount.

According to the sources in the Real Madrid team, Ronaldo has even spoken to Cruz’s parents and decided to save the child’s life solely driven by his noble characteristic.

On the other hand, the Portugal player has started warming up for the preparation of the upcoming World Cup in Brazil. After a flop show by Portugal in the last World Cup, the Portugal skipper has decided to present a grand show for his team in the impending mega venture of world soccer.

But one thing is obviously sure that what Ronaldo will present in the World Cup may be decided later, but he has already won his fans’ support and love by initiating this unique charitable act. Those who were also not very fond of the Portugal striker, has also started following his tweets and updates in social networking sites regarding his charity for Cruz.

Tottenham vs Benfica Live Football Match & Goals Highlights – 13 Mar 2014

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EP #2 – Crystal Palace – Football Manager 2013

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Arsenal F.C. | The New Age | 2012-13

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