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Fernando Torres more in Demand these Days

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Fernando Torres, that’s the name which is being repeated on a more consistent basis than anything else in Spain and in the supporters and players of Real Madrid as the Spanish forward found the back of the net on two occasions which was enough for Athletic Madrid to claim the victory and eliminate their rivals from the Copa del Rey.

Real Madrid managed to tie the match 2-2 with goals from Sergio Ramos and C.Ronaldo but it wasn’t enough as the aggregate scoreboard was 4-2 in favor of Athletic Madrid.

The Spanish forward made a move to Athletic Madrid on a loan deal which runs up until the end of the season and things have started out in superb form as he helped his childhood club on advancing through the next stages of the Copa del Rey where they will be facing off with Barcelona. Continue reading 'Fernando Torres more in Demand these Days'»

Coventry fans at Arsenal. Half time.

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Maria consulted Ronaldo before Signing MU

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Angel Di Maria had spoken to Cristiano Ronaldo before penning a deal with Manchester United and the Portuguese talisman was full of praise for the 20-time English top division champions.

According to Di Maria, Ronaldo told him that if he decides to go to Old Trafford, it would be a great decision.

Di Maria was in conversation with a magazine last evening. When he was asked if he had talked to anyone before deciding to sign for Red Devils, the playmaker said, “Yes, I did. I had a bit of a chat with Cristiano about this and that chat really helped me make that call.”

‘We didn’t have a very long chat because I was not absolutely certain to be going to move to United. The negotiations were in early stages, but, whatever few things he said about United, they were all positive.”

When asked if he is happy with his life in England, Di Maria said, “At this point of time, yes, I am. I hope I am able to make some massive strides here at Old Trafford. That’s what I have come here for.”

At United, Di Maria has lived up to what was expected of him. He has been very prolific and has been one of shining lights for the club this season. He has found the net thrice in the 9 league games that he has played.

The Argentinean would turn up at Old Trafford again the day after tomorrow, but, not for United. He would be featuring there for his national side in a friendly versus Portugal.

There would definitely be huge support for Portugal at Old Trafford as most of the Manchester United fans still love Ronaldo and they are not going to miss the opportunity of watching him play again.

Watch Live Online Free P. Belgrade vs Tottenham football 27.11.2014

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The Serbian national football team has never really managed to make its way in the headlines of websites or newspapers in the world of football but things took a major twist on October 14 when Serbia received Albania at the Partizan Stadium and the match turned into a heated brawl between players and fans.

The match that was being played was a 2016 Euro’s qualifiers but it could never actually be completed after a drone hovered around the pitch with a pro-Albanian banner and from there on out, after the Serbian player Stefan Mitrovic pulled down the banner from the drone, things started to get out of control with fans coming into the pitch and even players fighting with each other.

It wasn’t until a few days ago that FIFA officially announced what decision they were going to make concerning this match and it was confirmed that Serbia was going to claim the victory but the Serbian national football squad did not actually claim all 3 points as FIFA deducted all those points as punishment.

Both national teams have also been given fines of $127,000 as consequences from their actions displayed on the pitch.

The game was suspended at the 41st minute and when things started to calm down with authorities getting everything under their control, Albania and Serbia were given the option of continuing on with the match but Albania refused to continue on and this is why FIFA awarded Serbia with the victory even though no points were given.

Albania is expected to appeal the decision of FIFA and the Albanian lawyer Chimi Shkohoxha stating:

“This is a travesty. It’s a cop out. We are totally committed to banishing racism from football, and this judgment appears to fly in the face of that aim. This is not about the point, it’s about fighting racism.”

Serbia is also expected to appeal the decision of FIFA and hopefully try to reduce or eliminate in its entirety, the fine of $127,000 that they received.