Kevin De Bruyne | Welcome to Chelsea Football Club | Skills,Assists,Goals|

The Football Wire Video Ranking: four / 5

24 thoughts on “Kevin De Bruyne | Welcome to Chelsea Football Club | Skills,Assists,Goals|

  1. Lets see how long torres puts up with the shit service or non existent service / game time that he gets. Its ok buying talent but if you dont play or manage it right then it aint going to work

  2. @jacko4chelsea …actually i d say a 4-3-1-2 with mata just behind the strikers….Sturridge gets the strikers role then…..

  3. Why loan him to genk untiil end of season? Chelsea are really struggling and with him he can help create goals.

  4. @johan00345 he gets chances when we dont have important matches but at the moment we havent got many games we can take a risk with, once we get a few of the oldies off the squad he will be getting a lot more 1st team action.

  5. @johan00345 What? he get loads of playing time in the reserve team plays 90 mins almost every game and they are probarbly one of the best reserve teams in England if not the world so dont rule out Chelsea for talent because they are preparing loads

  6. @jacko4chelsea Lukaku will not be as good that he can coz he dont get enough with playtime.

  7. Mata – Lukaku – Sturridge
    Piazon – De Bruyne – McEachran
    Van Aanholt – Cahill – D. Luiz – van der Wiel (If we can get him)
    This team in like 4/5 years will smash the premier league you just wait

  8. He comes from Belgium and he looks like a Tintin :). I think he is a very good player for Chelsea and I hope he will come at summer afther his loan in Genk…

  9. why the hell are we not playing him now?? he would be an excellent force alongside mata. mata-de bruyne combo would be a godsend for torres

  10. @deerter9991 a whole lot. AVB is gonna be like ferguson for man u. torres is gonna go back to his regular beast-self, de bruyne, cahill and lukaku are gonna be like terry and lampard & drogba. etc etc

    cech is kinda slackin tho..

  11. @ogbkballa don’t fuck with malouda u bitch ! he is good , but he is old thats all !

  12. This kid looks class. Stick him in a 4-2-3-1 with Ramires and Romeu holding, Mata, him, and Hazard/Hamsik/Ganso/Eriksen/Shaqiri (fingers crossed) or Piazon playing free roles in behind Sturridge or Lukaku and we have a young team capable of emulating the football of the likes of Barca for years to come.

  13. The deal was completed by almost 8 million pounds, 7 million of them are for his RIGHT LEG !!

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