Justin Bieber visits chelsea football club

By admin, June 15, 2011 1:22 am

The Football Wire Video Score: two / 5

25 Responses to “Justin Bieber visits chelsea football club”

  1. afsa999 says:

    i cant fuckin understand why he wear fuckin xxl

  2. DnGthe1gentlemen says:

    i always wonder why i nevr have die hard fans…..!!!!!

  3. MrManunited92 says:

    1:08 Torres: can you freakin believe this? I know we’re being punished for not scoring but this is inhumane!

  4. AsianAwesome69 says:

    Barcelona, Chelsea,…
    Stay the fuck away from my club

  5. mani51100 says:

    in Poland we have bimber not bieber

  6. artygunnar says:

    No Wonder Torres is off form!!!!!!

  7. 619bluefish says:

    WTF, im tired of this stupid Justin Bieber. Whats next, Justin Bieber visiting Mexican Drug cartels

  8. MondayFever1 says:

    i don’t know what worse this or torres’ miss against united

  9. will786 says:

    I blame everything that’s wrong with Chelsea at the moment on JB!!!

  10. thekaizerjr says:

    no wonder chelsea plays so much shit these days its because they listen to justin bieber’s music before they go out to play, they shouldn’t have fired villas boas just get rid of bieber’s music

  11. PRINCESSVENUS001 says:

    Oh…now I know why Torres hasn’t scored…
    Hope he will find his ’sparkle’ :/ T___T I want him to score!

  12. aledobretociastko says:

    BTW If Chelsea players are seriously listening to his music before every game, I think I’ve got a clue why they’re losing that often.

  13. aledobretociastko says:

    Biebers is better than torres

  14. mirazfg says:

    @CihanEroglu right on!! fucking american bastered

  15. wwetnaguru123 says:

    @RogueKloral that dont make sense he must of asked to go there we are not the most popular club so he must be interested in football

  16. funtcucker1 says:

    @janephirie yes

  17. RogueKloral says:

    How the fuck can he not know where Torres and Lampard are from. Why would he even go meet them…..he clearly isnt into football.

  18. TheKediiee says:

    lol i knew before clicking on this videos that the dislikes would outweigh the likes.

  19. whothebitchnowsucka says:

    @coldrock11 its ok if united admitted they played that before a game i would feel ashamed as well

  20. 123idkuser says:

    Sorry but i can’t image The bision, drog and Luka listening to that before a game.

  21. lordofwarr says:

    where is Ashley Cole with his air riffle when you need him lol

  22. NyanCatDERP says:

    @janephirie totally agree

  23. TheDragonball123ify says:

    get lost justin biebier

  24. janephirie says:

    So they listen to Justin Bieber before every game..? No wonder they suck balls… (Get it? :P )

  25. Wicks91 says:

    I’d have been like those girls if I’d have met Lampard and Torres.