Chelsea FC – Eddie Newton Returns

The Soccer Wire Video clip Score: 4 / five

24 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Eddie Newton Returns

  1. @N7J098 i dont know you, but must be a very ignorant person to say these things…

  2. @Lchelsea41 You’re either very young, or you only recently starting watching Football, Eddie Newton was a former Chelsea midfielder, who played for the club durinng the 90’s along with current interim manager Roberto di Matteo.

  3. PLEASE BRING BACK MOURINHO! There isn’t 1 chelsea fan I know who doesn’t want him back. Mr Abromovich and co, we all want Mourinho and we want him to stay, even if we don’t win a trophy!

  4. At a home game the fans should chant ” BRIND BACK MOURINHO BRING BACK MOURINHO !!! “

  5. @N7J098 ahah,sorry but i like Chelsea and his players.Just because i said nigga doesnt mean that im what u said.In fact he is nigga not pink,so why the problem?
    Realy hope he does a good job, bcase i think he his a shit :

  6. ITS LIKE A FAIRY TALE STORY!!! One night getting the kids ready for school for the next day like any other ordinary DAD and the next minute u get a call to help coach some of the best players in the world at one of the biggest teams in the world CHELSEA FC!!!! ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED!!!!!

  7. Lchelsea41 your name indicates your chelsea but you ask who is eddie newton?
    joking yea

  8. as i remember our ceo said that avb could be chelsea manager in 13years just lika SAF.. and now what ?..

  9. @BoDana93 yes but still not that great of a manager. was sacked by west brom don’t forget

  10. Why shoud i still keep my faith on roman?? if he thinks he can do better, let him try his hand at management :

  11. di matteo .. as a former chelsea player, can give the players big motivation. this could really help on tommorows match against birmingham

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