Chelsea FC – Champions League 11/12

The Football Wire Video Ranking: five / 5

21 thoughts on “Chelsea FC – Champions League 11/12

  1. @lilchelseadude23 thnx mate!!! subscribing done 🙂 really waiting for your next “New Divide” chelsea fc video…..hope it’s gonna b as good as this one 🙂

  2. I seriously love both teams… But i i will hope for the under dogs in Napoli <3

  3. @arkgenerationz it sounds amazing. I’ll use it in my next video! I would really appreciate if you subscribe 😉

  4. can anyone create a video of CHELSEA FC using LINKIN PARK’s song “new divide”?? :/ i think it would b awesome m/

  5. awesome video mate 🙂 gr8 song and also it was good to see Fernando Torres assists and goals most of the times in this video…..good job mate!!! keep it up 😀 

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