Cardiff City Vs Crystal Palace Pitch Invasion (24/01/2012)

By , March 10, 2012 1:50 pm

The Football Wire Video Ranking: four / five

7 Responses to “Cardiff City Vs Crystal Palace Pitch Invasion (24/01/2012)”

  1. 2345eagles says:

    well played cardiff you deserved it, 2nd leg we just didnt turn up. good luck in the final

  2. TheArsenal2004 says:

    what the fuck is the point getting 1 or 2 people when they hole ground runs on the pitch fucking stupid coppers u try that at a old firm would not happen but cmon cardiff city till i die

  3. ibemrcharlie says:

    look at my vids

  4. TARDISFEZ says:

    could some one tell me what the fans were singing inbetween normal time and extra time and also between extra time and penelties, it sounded amazing on tv and i would love to get a video of it

  5. djcatris says:

    the funniest part is how my cousin falls hahah

  6. Healyboi says:

    i was there.

  7. elbarcelonista1 says:

    0:30 fail