Arsene Wenger “changed the face of football”

By admin, July 17, 2011 2:06 pm

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7 Responses to “Arsene Wenger “changed the face of football””

  1. THERIDDLER114 says:

    Wenger freaking invented the beautiful game

  2. Pomaori says:

    who brought their mum along ?

  3. SuperGooner75 says:

    wenger legend enough said

  4. ArsenalDave04 says:

    someone is lost!
    poor thing, thinks its the kitchen…

  5. salarpops says:

    @jsamuels90 haha fuckin hilarious

  6. TheDistilledMan says:

    It’s obvious that Wenger will be scapegoated for Arsenal’s decision to be a financially logical club. I’m not even an Arsenal fan, but I enjoy the club’s style on the pitch, so it’s a shame that fans will very probably help lynch the manager when it is not his fault. He bowed to those who pay his wages, it’s been clear for several years now. Unfortunately, winning means huge financial losses or benefactors these days, and that is a fact.

  7. jsamuels90 says:

    Is she there to make the sandwiches?