Arsenal Football Club – True Passion

The Football Wire Video clip Score: four / 5

25 thoughts on “Arsenal Football Club – True Passion

  1. getting a thrashing doesnt remove passion… another team supporter cannot understand how a fan feels towards his team which is a team you dont support.
    Before you annoy me with your retarded words no im not an arsenal fan and unfortunately i dont wanna ask what team you support or even tell you what team i support because frmo the way you talk. A real football fan doesnt diss ANY team… ur just a bother to the game and in no way will u ever understand the emotion of football.. cya

  2. u gooner mugs keep forgetting the beatings you’ve been getting from tottenham in recent seasons.U lot dont know what passion is.Thats why they call it the library.Gooners only sing 3 songs-we love u arsenal we do,how fucking boring is that.

  3. People should learn loyalty from an Arsenal fan…a Gunner who always believes in his club and never lets go of it…I even started a blog on this because I believe every little action of ours helps …

    here it is

    Read the whole thing, especially the article ” Keep the faith” and share this with other fans as well.

    Don’t lose heart fellow Gunners .. They’ll be back at the top soon.

  4. I miss Highbury, beacuse that was the time the real gunners made an atmosphere in the stadium, With the new ticket prices its just the rich tourists that watches on the emirates. Thats a shame 🙁 Gunner 4 life!

  5. @grwx100 guess you are a scouser?
    Have you ever seen Gerrard win the league?
    United fan? We won the league, in Manchester! We won the league at Old Trafford!

  6. join the group-arsenal photo gallery on facebook cmon arsenal lovers support me support arsenal.

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