Arsenal Football Club | 11/12 This Is It | HD |

The Football Wire Video clip Ranking: 3 / 5

14 thoughts on “Arsenal Football Club | 11/12 This Is It | HD |

  1. @AventineRecords Adebayor is the most hateful player by arsenal fans including me and nasri is a money grabbing whore BITCH enough said and agreed good vid man

  2. @AventineRecords no i would never call bergkamp, henry or cesc a cunt NEVER cause i love them
    but adebayor and nasri are in my opinion shamefull cunts!
    i cant tolerate what samir said after having left arsenal

  3. @Crankadalla They are not cunts, they are Arsenal legends! You can’t call Bergkamp or Henry a cunt just because they left the club! 🙂 Don’t hate on Fab and Nas, they have been in the club for years ( Fab 8 years ), and have helped us tremendously.

  4. @SilverLiningVideos I’ve accepted your video response, and thanks, please subscribe if you like my other videos! 🙂

  5. Awseome video again man, there getting better and better, u should make more about Arsenal though, considering you support them

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