Arsenal F.C. | The New Age | 2012-13

By admin, January 21, 2014 5:37 pm

The Soccer Wire Online video Score: 4 / five

12 Responses to “Arsenal F.C. | The New Age | 2012-13”

  1. Tom Orr says:

    I fucking love this team.

  2. bowlocheerios97 says:

    so do I :)

  3. HowToDoShzz says:

    Arsenal <3

  4. bowlocheerios97 says:

    thanks! I used iMovie.

  5. An Average LAD says:

    This vid deserves alot more views. Spot on mate!

  6. Sam McFarlane says:

    ok arsenal a team with a great history and the only team to go unbeaten in
    the leaugue ever these facts cannot be argued against but come on for fucks
    sake arsenals last good chance to win a trophy was the carling cup final
    against birmingham they lost and to add to this embarressment birmingham
    got relegated not a month later arsenal are following in the steps of
    liverpool a team who can play exciting good football and yet are doing fuck
    all domestically and in europe so pipe the fuck down cunt

  7. arsenalmadness1 says:


  8. Tomasz Szala says:

    Bowlocheerios 97 I love Arsenal and podolski and the team <3

  9. ZeusKnocksYouOut says:

    Im a man U fan but i gotta say, when Arsenal are in form and playing to the
    top of their ability it looks as if they can beat anybody. Very fun side to
    watch.(but sometimes id 8-2 be them…)

  10. John Jones says:

    great video and team choice nice editing what software did you use

  11. bowlocheerios97 says:

    I dont think you realize how ridiculous you look.

  12. bowlocheerios97 says:

    Thanks I really appreciate it