Andre Villas Boas – Chelsea Football Club.

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19 thoughts on “Andre Villas Boas – Chelsea Football Club.

  1. I’m a liverpool fan and a self football pundit. But if Andre villas-boas wants to keep his job as the manager of Chelsea he will have to achieve immediate success with players, staff, fans and most importantly, trophies. But if push came to shove in abramovich’s eyes, he made a good decision. Good luck Andre and “welcome to Chelsea”

  2. @FootballUpdateNews ohh yes he is good, he did better things in Porto than mourinho… 0 loses in the league, won the UEFA, won 3 portuguese cups… it looks like he is playing football manager or something..

  3. vilas boas made a good choice in joining chelsea, because now he can prove his worth at an honest club, unlike his previous club fc porto, that his the club of cheaters and people without principles, that do everything to win, like offering prostitutes to referees and paying them trips to brazil…

    porto fans are ignorant people (most are gay as well) and they are only pissed becauses their husbands beat them…

  4. es portista deves de estar azedo,voces nao merecem tao grande treinador,so corruptos,eu odeio o porto hahahah,sou benfiquista mas odeio o porto,go and fuck ur self piggggggggggggggg

  5. I wish we will find chelsea in the Champions League….. Chelsea will never win it, against Porto, MU, RM and Barça? omg what you’re gonna do AVB, wha, wha?

  6. i hate porto so i hope cheasea get them and destroy them,and this manager is great,the problem was he was managing the team i hate the most fc porcos hahahha

  7. All I hope for is that Chelski falls in Porto’s Champions’ League group or knock-out stages this year. Porto will crush you vodka-lovers and that TRAITOR Villas-Boas! PORTO 4 EVER!!!

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