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  1. People play rugby because they aren't good or athletic enough to play football.

  2. The people who use the "Pads" argument against Football are clueless.
    -You don't have blindside blocks in Rugby (you can't even block in Rugby).
    -You don't have 3-4 300 pound players charging at you at the same time to tackle you in Rugby.
    -You don't get blindsided in rugby trying to catch a pass like you do in football.
    -You don't lateral the ball nearly every time you see defenders coming like in Rugby.
    -You aren't restricted to just wrapping up to tackle like rugby.
    -Scrums dont have 300 pounders like an NFL line of scrimmage
    -Rugby doesn't have the explosive athleticism that football does.

  3. Obviously put together by an American, all hits in American football and mostly running in rugby, show the tackles equally and ppl will simply see rugby is the game. No pads just hard men

  4. Le rugby et un vrai sport de bonhommes pas de protections que du muscle o football américain il leur faut une protection pfff

  5. Don't get me wrong you hate to me tough for the nfl and all rugby players give you shit for the armour when we wear a gum shield and sometimes a scrum cap but to be fair we don't need armour because our tackles have rules to them and aren't pointlessly aggressive

  6. I've played both sports and rugby tackles need a bit more skill because you cant just shoulder the other person in the head.

  7. easy! Rugby players could play without fear of Football with protection … but I'm not sure that Footboll players dared to play with rugby players without protection …

  8. Le foot américain est ridicule ils ont plein de protection alors que au rugby on y vas foule contact en plus il n'y a pas de beauté dans se sport

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